Reasons We Love CANVAS Jewelry

A woman wearing a bright yellow sweater and lots of jewelry

At The Willow Tree Boutique, we bring you accessories and jewelry only from brands that we love and trust. Here are three reasons we love CANVAS Style and want to share their jewelry with you. 

We Love Great Products at Great Prices

The Willow Tree Boutique has proudly been serving women for nearly 30 years, selling top brands while offering affordable prices in wide selections. That’s why we love brands like CANVAS, which align with our values to provide affordable quality and style for women. 

CANVAS is a high-end brand with a showroom on 5th Avenue, but they remain incredibly affordable with timeless pieces. Take these gorgeous Lainey Hoop Earrings, which you can get in either silver or gold for only $19.95. If you can believe it, some of the selections we offer are even less expensive than that. Plus, we often run sales you won’t want to miss!

We Love A Brand Targeted at the Modern Woman

We love that CANVAS Style speaks specifically to the modern woman — because that’s us! In today’s fashion industry, which often pushes looks onto consumers, it’s refreshing to have a brand that acknowledges that “you don’t have to be a size 0 to look great!” Focusing on how one piece of jewelry can elevate any look is a great reminder — especially when that jewelry comes at such a great price.

CANVAS cultivates their relationship with the modern woman by giving all their products female names, such as the Norah Bangle and the Eliza Bracelet. We love the personalized touch this gives to their collection.

A woman wearing the CANVAS jewelry piece: Audrey Layered Statement Necklace in Worn Gold

We Love Effortless Style That Sticks Through It All

Most importantly, we love the lasting nature of CANVAS jewelry. This isn’t a piece that’s trendy one season and outdated the next. CANVAS Style is all about your look enduring without more effort from you. All you have to do is snap on a bracelet or some earrings to completely change your mood and self-perception. Then, taking that five seconds for style can stick all day long. 

Founder Michelle Shaw explains that CANVAS’s foundational principle on launch was for their designs to be “on trend and sophisticatedly stylish...but also easy to pair and wear.” We love the timeless ease of CANVAS jewelry pieces like the chunky Chiara Necklace or the beaded Georgia Bracelet. These pieces come in a shiny metal that looks great with any outfit. Plus, not only is CANVAS jewelry easy to put on and take off, they’re also as flexible as you have to be, with adjustable necklaces and stretchy bracelets. 

Try CANVAS Jewelry and You’ll Love It, Too

Now that you know why we love CANVAS Style, browse our selection of CANVAS jewelry. When you give it a try, we think you’ll fall in love with their versatile, accessible, and affordable collection, too.