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What’s in a name? It depends on where in the world it’s been. Every adventurer knows that a great trip leaves an impression on more than your passport, and that spirit gave life to the work of Julie Vos jewelry. Julie Vos is a world traveler with an eye for style and an unbeatable taste in design. Every year, Vos creates a limited six to eight collection run of breathtaking pieces. These evocative accessories feature an East Coast flair and international flavor. Established in 2006, and continually showing amongst the best in small-batch ateliers, Julie Vos earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are “modeled on the belief that we create the beautiful world we live in.” Of course, that makes them a natural fit for the beautiful world of The Willow Tree Boutique.

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Exude an Elegant Allure

Look closely at any stylish gathering, and you’ll be sure to spot a Julie Vos bracelet or earring set. That's because, while bold, each of her pieces features a timeless minimalist allure that is perfect for even the most discerning jewelry junkies. Julie Vos jewelry is the perfect encapsulation of dedication to the spirit of the cosmopolitan city style, delicate craftsmanship, and understated class.

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Explore the entire selection of Julie Vos jewelry, and discover the globe-trotting vivacity that made us fall in love with Julie’s taste and style. Our amazing collection includes offerings from Julie’s latest, with a variety of options from statement rings to delicate bangles. Find an accessory piece that says something, along with all of our top brands to round out your wardrobe, at The Willow Tree today!