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Juliette Has a Gun is the ultimate non-perfume, designed by a perfumery obsessed with the perfection of complexity. Eschewing the overly saccharine common scents, this collection of fragrances has garnered a tremendous following for their raw materials and sophisticated olfactory constructions. Awarded by the French Fragrance Foundation, designed to evoke a spirit of empowerment and discovery, and named for a Shakespearian heroine, Juliette Has a Gun fragrance offerings are right at home at The Willow Tree Boutique.

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Choosing The Right Fragrance

Do you know what separates high-quality scents and body products from low-quality ones? Complexity: well-made fragrances have base notes that are derived from natural, raw materials — and those are the true scents that stay on the skin longer, working in concert with your natural pheromones to be pleasing to the senses. Juliette Has a Gun is known for its potent and raw ingredient list; even so, finding the right scent specific to you should be an intentional undertaking.

The Juliette Has a Gun fragrance Discovery Kit features eight distinctive fragrances for you to peruse and explore. It’s the ideal way to try all the brand has to offer and to find the scent that suits your unique body chemistry best.

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Juliette Has a Gun features a unique group of body care products, including their Not a Perfume and Not a Hair & Body Mist; and all of these innovative fragrances and self-care accessories are proudly featured alongside the other amazing brands at the Willow Tree Boutique!