Women's athleisure clothing has become incredibly popular thanks to trends driven by starlets and influencers in recent years. When it comes to fashion, it's important to consider quality in your choices. Check out our collection of casual athletic wear from your favorite brands!

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Comfort and Style Unite in Our Women's Athleisure Clothing

Ever-expanding from its role as a gym staple, boutique athletic wear has become the go-to casual uniform, perfect for on-the-go style and comfort. For versatility, few other clothing styles can match women’s athleisure clothing, and it's never been more important to love your workout clothes. 

Beyond yoga, biking, hiking, and lifting, breathable and durable fabrics are perfect for the active dates or outdoor dining that pepper our summer days. Casual athletic wear should be versatile enough for outdoor hangs or serious sweat sessions. Here’s an athleisure clothing checklist for you to make your best choice and live your best life:

  • Function: Are you a powerlifter? Yogi? Outdoor lover? Runner? Knowing what you’ll use your gear for is always useful when choosing an outfit.
  • Fit: Form-fitting athleisure wear is perfect for almost any activity, but the wrong size or a loose seam can offset the comfort factor and make for some unfortunate, annoying bunching.

Fabric: While athletic wear tends toward sweat-wicking and breathable fabrics, be sure that your particular skin chemistry meshes well with what you’re wearing.

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Finding the perfect fit for women's athleisure clothing is a breeze with your fashion allies at The Willow Tree Boutique! Want an adaptable wardrobe that’s suited to your active lifestyle? Our women’s clothing boutique has everything you need.

From basic tops to jogger pants and lounge sets, we offer a large selection of boutique clothing that blends comfort with chic design. Our curated selection features top brands known for their quality and fashion-forward designs. Visit us in-store or browse online to find the cutest boutique athletic wear!


Women’s athleisure wear is different from activewear because it’s a lot more versatile. Athleisure wear is designed to work just as well for a casual office environment as it does for the gym. Activewear, on the other hand, is primarily designed for exercising, running, and other sports, using materials that wick away moisture and improve performance.

If you’re spending the day running around between multiple activities, athleisure wear ensures you look put-together with elegant silhouettes while providing the same benefits as workout clothing.

No! Women’s athleisure wear offers a lot more flexibility than traditional workout clothes! At The Willow Tree Boutique, our athleisure collection includes loose skirts, oversized sweater tops, and even workout dresses that ensure you feel comfortable showing just the right amount of skin.

If you’re worried about looking too casual in your women’s athleisure wear, there’s a lot you can do to balance your look. Check out these top tips to upgrade your athleisure clothing:

  • Play with silhouettes: Wearing loose clothing for your entire outfit may end up looking like pajamas. You can mix and match fitted and loose cuts to ensure you’re comfortable without being too casual.
  • Add a unique texture: A lot of women’s athletic wear has that shiny polyester texture. Add in a little bit of interest with casual athletic wear that features lightweight cotton knits and sheer fabric over cutouts.
  • Mix styles: Sporty plus sophisticated can create a unique look that balances the casual vibe without veering into pajama land. Try an athletic outfit with a blazer over the top or leggings with a button-up shirt!
  • Ditch the sneakers: Tennis shoes will make your outfit look a little too sporty. Spice up your women’s athleisure wear with booties, sandals, wedges, or mules to change the entire feel of your look.

Use accessories: We’ve said it before, accessories can elevate and enhance any aesthetic. Add some jewelry to your boutique athletic wear for a touch of elegance or wear an oversized structured handbag to make it clear you’re not going to the gym.

There are typically two fabrics designers use for women’s athleisure wear, polyester and nylon. Sometimes, these are blended with each other or other lightweight fabrics, like cotton, to get the best drape on your body without losing the benefits of workout textiles.

Polyester is affordable, durable, and stretchy, which makes it a great choice for intense activities and everyday wear. Nylon is quick-drying, stretchy, and mildew-resistant, as well as super breathable. With nylon, your clothing still allows cool air to reach your skin and wicks moisture away from you where it can evaporate more quickly.