With all of the starlet and influencer-driven trends in the last few years, women's athleisure wear has seen perhaps the biggest surge in popularity and ubiquity in recent times. Of course, as with any of your fashion choices, sustainability and quality are important considerations. Browse The Willow Tree Boutique’s selection of fun and fashionable tops and bottoms!

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Ever-expanding from its role as a gym staple, athleisure clothing has become the go-to casual uniform, perfect for on-the-go style and comfort. For versatility, few other clothing styles can match athleisure, and it's never been more important to love your workout clothes. Beyond yoga, biking, hiking, and lifting, breathable and durable fabrics are perfect for the active dates or outdoor dining that pepper our summer days.

Women's athleisure wear should be versatile enough for casual outdoor hangs or serious sweat sessions. Here’s an athleisure clothing checklist for you to make your best choice and live your best life:

  • Function: Are you a powerlifter? Yogi? Outdoor lover? Runner? Knowing what you’ll use your gear for is always useful when choosing an outfit.
  • Fit: Form-fitting athleisure wear is perfect for almost any activity, but the wrong size or a loose seam can offset the comfort factor and make for some unfortunate, annoying bunching.
  • Fabric: While athletic wear tends toward sweat-wicking and breathable fabrics, be sure that your particular skin chemistry meshes well with what you’re wearing.

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Finding the perfect fit for women's athleisure wear is a breeze with your fashion allies at The Willow Tree Boutique! Want an adaptable wardrobe, suited to your active lifestyle? Dress up your athleisure clothing with accessories from The Willow Tree’s collection, chosen with an eye on modern, approachable style.