Layering has been a part of contemporary fall and winter fashion for decades! It’s an essential part of staying warm on those chilly mornings and adjusting your outfit once the day warms up a bit. We love layering tops because they offer so much versatility and flexibility for every look — from work to play. Whether you need a few basic tees or looking for the perfect blouse to take your ensemble over the top, check out our collection for a variety options!

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Ladies’ Layering Tops for Any Occasion

At The Willow Tree Boutique, we’re all about supporting every woman’s lifestyle. From big boss girl energy to stay-at-home mom vibes and everything in between, we have the fashion you need to make every day a little more fun.

As you explore our layering tops, you’ll find a piece that works for every layer. Browse form-fitting bodysuits, base tees, and tanks in ultra-soft materials and neutral colors, as well as looser, long-sleeve mid-layers, casual sweaters, and bold blouses.

With a combination of any of these ladies’ layering tops, you’ll be dressed and ready to go in no time. Prep for any kind of day with a little help from us to make your morning routine a bit easier!

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The best layering tops depend on which layer they’re designed to fill. Your base layer options should generally be more fitted with neutral colors and no designs or textures, like a basic tee or tank. It’s likely nobody will ever see this layer.

Your middle layers can have a little sugar and spice — but not too much. You want them to be loose enough to fit over your first layer but not so bulky that they prevent you from feeling comfortable in your next layer.

Your third layer (usually your final layer) can be the most exciting with bright colors, unique patterns, and unusual textures. Some people get this layer in a size up to guarantee it fits over all the other layers. Many times, the third layer is a piece of outerwear, like a jacket or a blazer.

Generally, layering serves two purposes. One, they keep you warm in cooler months. And two, they add variety and excitement to your outfit. You want most of your layers to show so that each piece adds another interesting element to your ensemble.

For example, you might be wearing a patterned button-up shirt under a textured sweater. Let the collar and tails of your shirt peek out from underneath your sweater to allow the textures and colors create a more interesting contrast.

You can do the same thing with bottom layers too! Showcase your socks over textured tights and under boots to have a tri-fold bottom layer that’s way more interesting!

You’re meant to wear at least two ladies’ layering tops to create a complete layered look, but you can wear as many as four when counting your outerwear. It’s an especially good idea to wear two mid-layers in cooler weather, as one can wick away moisture while the other preserves your body heat. 

Look for mid-layers in breathable, quick-drying materials for the first and second pieces and warmer, thicker layers for the top pieces.

You prevent layering tops from getting too bulky by paying attention to the thickness of the material. Your bottom layers should always be thinner and more lightweight, as well as slightly tighter fitting. Your mid and top layers are the ones that should be textured and looser fitting.

The answer here depends on the look you’re trying to achieve. Your mid-layer should generally be looser. But if you’re wearing two mid-layers, you may want the bottom one to be a bit tighter to accommodate the silhouette of the top mid layer.

Typically, three layering tops is standard for fall and winter. Your base layer will wick away moisture, the mid-layer will keep your body heat in, and the top layer should protect you from the elements.

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