Want to share in our latest obsession? We’re going gaga over these all-weather Budahgirl bangles! Not only are they incredibly beautiful, but they’re also lightweight, noise-free, and TSA-friendly. Shop versatile accessories that are perfect for any occasion!

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Beauty and Inspiration with BuDhaGirl Bracelets

Each of the all-weather BuDhaGirl bangles in the set has a purpose. The concept behind these BuDhaGirl bracelets is to take a moment each morning when you put them on to reflect on your gratitude and set your intention for the day.

When you buy BuDhaGirl, not only are you adding a fun accessory to your already fabulous outfit, but you’re also taking the time to think about what you really want in life and giving yourself permission to pursue the things that inspire you most. These unique accessories are the perfect addition to show off your style and personality.

Find the Perfect Accessories

Whether you enjoy the ritual of setting your intentions each day, or you just want to look great, you’ll be inspired by these gorgeous all-weather BuDhaGirl bracelets. They’re available in silver, gold, and rose gold for easy pairing with your favorite necklace.

Some styles even come with colorful gemstone accents for a little something extra! If you can’t decide which bracelet you like best, we won’t judge if you get a whole stack! Find the perfect jewelry accessories at The Willow Tree Boutique to share your sense of style with the world.


BuDhaGirl bangles are so unique because they’re designed to stand up to a lot of wear and tear. Whether you’re worried about them getting wet in the rain or having to take them off at the pool, you don’t have to think about it anymore! Rest your mind and focus on your zen because BuDhaGirl styles are completely water-safe—even if you’re in saltwater and chlorinated water.

BuDhaGirl bracelets are typically one-size. However, we include measurements for all products, whether they come in different sizes or not, to ensure you’re buying something that gives you a perfect fit. To determine whether a bracelet will fit you, measure the diameter of the widest part of your hand—DO NOT MEASURE YOUR WRIST.

The bangle diameter should be within 0.25 to 0.50” of your hand diameter. Smaller is a little better because you want the bangle to hang loosely on your wrist but be narrow enough that it won’t fall off your hand.

We’re not here to stop you from accessorizing any way you want. If one bracelet looks right to you, it’s perfect! Do you love to stack your bangles? That’s great, too. Our favorite style is to wear between three and five bangles on each wrist. We also love an asymmetrical look with three on one side and five on the other.

Play with different colors and accents to create your own custom look!

You can absolutely wear BuDhaGirl bracelets on both sides at the same time—especially if you’re wearing a short-sleeve top or sleeveless summer dress! We love how these bangles look and feel against our bare skin—sleek and delicate.

Complement your clothing with a colorful set, or stick with an all-gold hue to keep your look a little more sophisticated and elegant.

The most common bracelet size for women is about seven inches around. With bangles, this is especially important because they’re not typically adjustable. We recommend going just a smidge smaller than your hand with BuDhaGirl bracelets so you can let them hang loose on your wrists without worrying that they’ll completely slide off.

Cleaning BuDhaGirl bangles is easy! Just use soap and water with a soft cloth. Please avoid harsh chemicals, brushes, and scrubbing with your bracelets to ensure they maintain their bright colors and designs for as long as possible. If your bracelet has non-metal accents, like wood, leather, or stones, we recommend wiping them down with a microfiber towel. Don’t expose these pieces to soap or chemicals.

If you have any other questions about BuDhaGirl jewelry or another one of our jewelry brands, reach out to us online or by phone for additional support.