Add a pop of color and a dash of playfulness to every outfit with colorful beaded earrings from The Willow Tree. These eye-catching beauties inspired by indigenous beadwork are a sight to behold with their lively designs and charming patterns. From extravagant geometric triangles and hexagons to wild and mischievous fringed tassels, our beaded embroidery earrings are made for those who love bold fashion choices and making statements.

Switch up your everyday style by donning a pair of large beaded earrings and make heads turn.

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Style Up With Fun

Fashion is how you express yourself to the world, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make it fun! Your style reflects your personality and our colorful beaded earrings would make a fine extension of your individual style. Play around with our beaded embroidery earrings that come in a host of fun sizes, colors, designs, and patterns. Mix and match with your favorite tops and dresses, and flaunt these beaded beauties with a confident step. Your style, your rules!

Lightweight Statement Jewelry

Give your precious earlobes a break from all the heavy statement earrings with our collection of colorful beaded earrings that are over-the-top without all the extra weight! No longer do you have to choose between foregoing the drama of your fancy chunky earrings in favor of comfort or saddling your ears with more pounds than they can carry.

There’s no holding back from making statement earrings your go-to everyday accessory with our lightweight beaded embroidery earrings that combine style with comfort.