Whether you need to spend the afternoon running errands or lounging around at home, the women’s fashion jeans at The Willow Tree Boutique offer you comfortable and stylish ensembles for every occasion. With a huge selection of cuts, colors, washes, and fits, we’re confident that you’ll find something to love in our variety of women’s casual jeans online. Explore our seasonal styles and newest arrivals now!

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Women’s Fashion Jeans for Every Diva

We know that you have your very own sense of self-expression and a unique aesthetic. To help you show your true colors, our team curates a varied collection of everyone’s favorite brands.

From Free People’s boho-chic style to Democracy’s clean-cut looks, you’ll find the perfect women’s fashion jeans to wear for a work meeting, a day of fun with the squad, or diving into your newest hobbies.

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Depending on the brand you prefer, sizing for our women’s fashion jeans varies. Double-check the guide charts to ensure your measurements match for a comfortable fit.

While some pants are sized small through extra-large, others run 1 through 13. We even carry some brands with European sizing of 21 through 31. Make sure you’re familiar with the sizing of your favorite brand of women’s casual jeans before you make a purchase.

If you’re not confident in figuring out your own size, our team is happy to help. Reach out to us online or by phone with the product name and your own measurements at any time.


At The Willow Tree Boutique, we believe that your personal preferences and aesthetic should guide your decision. However, if you want some fashion advice from the experts, here are a few ideas to explore that can get you started:

  • Tall people can balance their silhouette with flared jeans.
  • Hourglass silhouettes look great in cropped women’s fashion jeans.
  • Straight figures or athletic bodies look best in straight-cut jeans.
  • People with rounded hips look good in both straight-cut and skinny jeans.
  • High-waist jeans can elongate people with shorter legs

There are a few ways you can tell whether your women’s fashion jeans fit right, including:

  • You won’t need a belt to keep your pants up.
  • Whether they’re mid, low, or high-rise, your jeans should not bubble or gap at the top.
  • Your jeans also shouldn’t pinch your waist or hips and create a “muffin-top.”
  • The bottoms of your jeans shouldn’t bunch anywhere as you move or sit.

Your jeans will probably fit pretty tight when they’re brand new, but not uncomfortably so. You can expect pure cotton denim to stretch a few inches, but no more. If your jeans are a blend of stretchy materials, like spandex or nylon, they shouldn’t stretch at all, and the initial fit should feel just right.

There are several different types of women’s casual jeans. Since we have a rotating seasonal selection, we’ll probably feature all of them at one point or another. Here are a few of our most popular types:

  • Skinny Jeans are tight all the way down.
  • Cropped Jeans fit like capri pants.
  • Flared Jeans are fitted until your knee and then widen into a bell shape.
  • Boyfriend Jeans are loose and slouchy.
  • Culottes are high-waisted, cropped, and wide leg all the way down.
  • Boot Cut Jeans are semi-fitted all the way down with a micro-flare at the bottom.
  • Wide Leg Jeans are loose from your thighs and stay the same width to your ankles.

If you plan on wearing your women’s fashion jeans to the office, you might need to class them up with a bit more than just a t-shirt and some sneakers. The easiest way to elevate your denim outfits is with a blazer, heels, or both. If you need just a hint of extra sophistication, you can create a middle ground with a cardigan and a pair of booties.

There are a few dead giveaways that your women’s fashion jeans are just a bit too tight, including:

  • Red marks or pinching at your waistline.
  • If your full-length jeans are showing any ankle.
  • Your zipper zips but won’t stay up.
  • You have a hard time sitting because your jeans compress your thighs.
  • You show a little too much booty when you sit down.

We hope these answer all your questions. But if you have any other concerns, reach out to us online or on social media for personalized assistance!