The Willow Tree has the perfect boutique sweaters for staying warm on those chilly fall and winter days. With so many beautiful options to choose from, there’s no reason to sacrifice your style just to stay warm. Effortless sophistication and cozy comfort are just a few clicks away with the women’s boutique sweaters in our store! Each of our sweaters is made from the best materials to offer maximum comfort and the perfect fit without any muss or fuss. Discover your new favorites when you start shopping now!

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Show Them You’re Fierce

For the woman who refuses to blend into the background, we offer animal print sweaters that can be worn with your go-to jeans or paired with a matching pair of joggers for the ultimate athleisure ensemble. Prefer sailors’ stripes over the animals of the jungle? We have tons of women’s boutique sweaters with vertical and horizontal stripes in a variety of colors to ensure you have plenty of trendy choices for your wardrobe.

You’ll also find a wide selection of colors and designs for work or for play, with both true-to-size and oversized fits. Create a look you love to get noticed, feel confident, and express your great sense of style with pieces that will last for years.

Boutique Sweaters for Fall or Winter

Hey girl! The Willow Tree offers an awesome collection of boutique sweaters for any occasion. The hardest part will be choosing which one to buy! Shop our fun selection of sweaters online or come to one of our store locations today.

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The main difference between sweaters and sweatshirts or hoodies is the fabric. Most of the time, a sweater is made from a knit fabric featuring cotton, wool, or a synthetic blend. Sweatshirts and hoodies, however, are designed for casual comfort with a fleece or cotton-poly blend that results in a stretchier, softer fabric.

It depends on the material. Any women’s boutique sweater made from cotton will shrink slightly after the first wash — especially if you put it in the dryer. We always recommend washing your sweaters by hand in cold water and then air drying them. 

When in doubt about care and maintenance, check the instructions on the tag for the best possible way to wash your sweater.

Your boutique sweater will stretch over time, but you can avoid certain practices that make the stretching worse. Here are a few rules to follow that will ensure your sweaters retain their shape for longer:

  • Don’t hang sweaters; folding them is the best way to store them
  • Don’t use the washer or dryer on your sweaters
  • Dry your sweaters flat when possible

We do have a tip for any parts of your sweater that have stretched out of shape. Follow the directions below:

  1. Boil some water and pour it into a bowl
  2. Wearing gloves, dip the stretched part of the sweater into the bowl
  3. Pull the sweater out and pinch the wet part back into shape
  4. Blow dry the reshaped part to shrink the fibers back to their original size

If you’ve got a boutique women’s sweater, you spent a little more money to ensure its quality and longevity. Don’t flush your money down the drain — or the dryer, in this case!

We wouldn’t recommend putting your sweater in the washer or dryer — even on the lightest settings — because other clothing will push, pull, and warp the material. Even when washing your sweater alone, your machine can still be too intense for sweater material.

We always recommend hand washing and air drying for all your favorite clothing!

Sweater durability depends on their quality, as well as how well you care for them. Typically, you can expect your sweater to last for three to four years. Some sweaters will last longer with quality care.

Like denim, you shouldn’t wash your boutique sweater after every wear. The general rule is to wash your sweater after three to five wears, unless it’s gotten really dirty. With sweater fibers that are more durable, like synthetics and wool, you can clean them even less frequently, wearing them seven or eight times between washes.

Have more questions? Check out our general FAQs, or reach out to our team for more personalized support!