There are so many ways to wear well-fitted jeans. Did you catch that? A well-fitted jean. And girl, that’s not just a’s a reality! Boutique jeans are designed to naturally fit your shape in the way you need and want them to. Our fashion jeans are designed for all-day comfort and come in a variety of style options. So when you shop for women's jeans online, you’ll find your dream pair here at The Willow Tree.

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Boutique Jeans for Any Style and Look

Are you a skinny jean fan? We have plenty of boutique jeans in your favorite washes that will be the highlight of your day or nighttime look.

If you’re looking for even greater comfort, our jeggings are where it’s at. The super stretchy, flexible fit makes them perfect for everyday wear. Just because they are jeggings doesn’t mean they can’t be dressed up! Pop on some sandals and accessorize with a nice blouse, dangle earrings, and a crossbody bag for an enviable look.

Jeans! Jeans Everywhere!

Looking for more of a flare leg? We’ve got those, too. We have many boutique jeans options with a flare leg, you’ll feel like you stepped into the 70s! Wear them with retro boots or sandals to let the unique flare stand out.

We also have plenty of patterned jeans for those who love to live on the edge of fashion. Check out our full collection today and shop for your next pair of women's boutique jeans online at The Willow Tree.


When it comes to the difference between boutique jeans and other types of jeans you get at a regular store, you’ll see that we stock our shelves with more niche styles, specialized products, and higher-quality selections. Shopping boutique women’s jeans here also guarantees a higher level of customer service than you might expect at your local Target.

The general rule for washing true denim is to do it as little as possible. Every time you wash a pair of jeans, you risk warping their shape, quality, and color. You should wash your jeans every 10-12 wears — unless you got them really dirty before.

Please note that this rule is for true denim (also known as dry denim). Some of our boutique women’s jeans are blended with other materials to reinforce the denim weave and make it a little more resistant to the dangers of washing.

When it comes to buying new jeans, there are a few shopping tips that could enhance your whole experience. First, we always recommend that you visit us in-store to try on your preferred styles. You’ll get a better feel for how everything fits and what to expect when sitting, walking, and dancing.

We also encourage you to try several different styles, including your go-to look, something a little retro, and a slim-fit style. You might be surprised what looks best on your body! Finally, don’t forget about the length. While we offer shorts, cropped jeans, and full-length styles, look for those that elongate your legs to the max.

The International Fabric Institute says that most jeans last 2-3 years. However, there are a few ways you can extend their lifespan. Look for denim with blended materials, including lycra and spandex, as the elastic fibers make them stronger. You should also wash your jeans as little as possible, and hang them to dry inside out.

Even holes and wear don’t mean it’s time for new jeans! You can always add patches, and wear is a mark of character! The main indicator that it’s time for new jeans is when they lose their shape.

You can expect our boutique women’s jeans to bleed for the first 2-3 washes. But we always recommend you hand wash your denim on its own, so even if they continue to bleed, there’s no other clothing around that will suffer. Please follow all care instructions for your pair to guarantee it lasts for years.

Like all cotton, denim will also shrink after every wash — especially after the first one. However, hand washing will minimize shrinkage. Even more important, our denim blends that include elastic textiles will shrink the least. Some of these with higher spandex or lycra content won’t shrink at all!