At The Willow Tree Boutique, we’re all about fun, flirty, effortless fashion for all. If you’re looking for a selection of classic boutique skirts for every season, you’ve found it here! You can even find ultra-casual pieces that are made for lounging around or running errands. Explore our boutique skirts online or in-store to find something that matches your aesthetic.

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Boutique Skirts for Every Occasion

Long or short, flared or tight, bright gem tones or neutral hues, we have it all! Discover designer brand boutique skirts that deliver top-quality materials and amazing durability. You’ll be wearing these skirts season after season. Pair your favorite go-to piece with an oversized sweater for cozy comfort or a silky blouse for elegant professionalism. 

Whatever you have planned, we have a classic boutique skirt that fits the moment! Whether you're aiming for a casual day out or a sophisticated evening affair, our collection has you covered. Crafted from top-quality materials, these skirts are not only fashion-forward but also durable, ensuring they withstand the test of time.

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Since we carry a large selection of brands, sizing varies among different skirts. Explore each product page to find specific sizing guides, model measurements, and recommendations from our fashion experts to get the perfect fit! Some materials offer more stretch, like our knit selections, while others are less forgiving, like our tweed pieces.

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Styles are always changing and evolving. But if you’re looking for some classic advice to get you started, here’s what we recommend.

If you’re wearing a flowy or loose skirt, wear a fitted top to balance it out. Think a tank top with a peasant skirt. On the other hand, a form-fitting skirt requires the opposite, so wear a loose or ruffled blouse to elevate your silhouette. For this style, consider a pencil skirt with an oversized silk button-up shirt.

What you wear under a classic boutique skirt depends on your comfort level. If you’re wearing something tea- or floor-length, you might be happy wearing just your normal underwear. However, shorter skirts that flare out may require briefs, biker shorts, or seamless shorts to ensure you’re not showing off more than you want.

You should also consider how a skirt fits your form. If you’re wearing something ultra-lightweight or super form-fitting that shows every line underneath, it’s time to look for seamless underwear styles that stay hidden.

The best boutique skirt style is different for everyone, depending on their body’s shape and what they feel are their best assets. Here’s a skirt roadmap to get you started, but feel free to break the rules if you love the way you look in a different style!

  • Apple Shape: Flowy style that minimizes your stomach.
  • Pear Shape: A-line style maxi to add length and height.
  • Rectangle Shape: Flared skirt that gives you curves in your hips.
  • Hourglass Shape: Form-fitting knee-length skirt that highlights your waist.

With several skirt lengths available, each style should fall at a different area on your leg. Take a look at the different skirt lengths and where they should fall below:

  • Micro: This is the shortest skirt length. The micro skirt should fall just below your derriere. It’s bold, daring, and more than a little flirty.
  • Mini: Just slightly longer than the micro skirt, the mini skirt length is a little more versatile. It should fall at about mid-thigh.
  • Midi: The length of this skirt is ideal for business casual occasions that require a polished look. Aim for a hem that reaches your knee.
  • Tea: Also known as the midi skirt, a tea-length boutique skirt combines timeless sophistication and comfort in a piece that sits at your mid-shin.
  • Maxi: Feminine, flowy, and elegant, the maxi skirt should just skim the tops of your feet. Don’t let it drag on the floor, as it may get dirty or trip you.

We know you love to be TikTok and Insta-ready in every outfit, so we have some pose recommendations for any classic boutique skirt.

  • Get more movement by crossing your legs and moving your hips side to side while fluffing your skirt.
  • Stand with one foot forward and all your weight on the back foot. Put both hands on your hips with your hands flipped down to create shape and drama.
  • Walk forward, crossing your legs over each other to elongate your legs. Emphasize your waistline with a hand above the hip.