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Looking for a sustainable way to care for your skin after a long day? Frustrated with the waste of traditional makeup wipes and disposable cleansing cloths? Make Up Eraser’s reusable makeup remover cloth is a no-waste, easy upgrade to your daily ritual: the makeup you wear is eco-friendly and socially conscious; so, too, should be the tools you use to apply and remove it. Browse the full selection of products at The Willow Tree Boutique!

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Magic of Microfiber

Reusable makeup remover cloths are made from durable yet soft microfiber—a small weave that creates a soft, absorbent cloth for everyday use. Microfiber products can contain more than 200,000 fibers per inch, which means that they can absorb more than seven times their weight in water. You can rely on microfiber makeup remover cloth to get the job done.

Make an Eco-Friendly Choice

With so many options for cruelty-free and fair trade cosmetics, why stop your socially-conscious beauty routine at the removal stage? With a reusable makeup remover cloth, you can save the waste and treat your face. Soft microfiber is kind to your complexion, and the lack of toss-able paper is kinder to Mother Earth.

With so many of us making better choices for our health and the wellness of the planet, reusable cosmetic accessories are a no-brainer. Shop our full array of curated lifestyle offerings from The Willow Tree Boutique, vetted for their impact on the earth and their kindness to your skin.