When it comes to accessories, elegant necklaces are a must-have for any season. The perfect addition to any look, simple pendant necklaces in gold, silver, or a bold color add a flourish or shimmer to your favorite outfit. Shop our simple necklaces, chic pendants, and sleek chains at The Willow Tree to elevate your style!

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Simple Necklaces for Effortless Elegance

Our collection of simple necklaces can help you transition from day to night, so you can elevate your office look or dress up a casual pair of jeans. At The Willow Tree Boutique, we want to help you create a complete look from head to toe, and what better way to round out your favorite fashions than with simple pendant necklaces and other boutique jewelry to match?

There’s just something special about simple, elegant necklaces that effortlessly beautify a look. Whether you’re channeling your inner starlet or looking for a thoughtful gift, our boutique necklace collection has something for every aesthetic. Even better, all our jewelry is made with high-quality materials, so you can feel confident that your new favorite accessory will last.

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From simple necklaces and stacked bracelet sets to fashionable tops and boutique dresses, we have something for every occasion! When you shop our store, you’ll find a one-stop selection that can enhance your entire wardrobe.

Because our team is passionate about fashion, we’re always updating our selection with the latest looks and freshest trends to create a collection of timeless styles you’ll love for years. Get the most from our bold, elegant necklaces and explore the newest arrivals at The Willow Tree Boutique today!


One of the most simple styles of necklaces is called a chain. It’s a pretty straightforward style of jewelry that features interlocking links for the entire length of the necklace. You can wear a chain made of metal on its own or find chains with unique embellishments, like semi-precious gemstones, charm attachments, and mixed metal colors.

There are also several types of chain patterns. The most popular is known as a classic cable chain, but you can find rope, curb, mesh, bead, box, and Figaro chains if you’re looking for more variety with subtle details. You can often layer these styles to create a unique look.

Necklace fashions do change pretty frequently, but there are some simple necklace styles that withstand the test of time, including:

  • Chain Necklaces: The interlocking links of a metal chain offer simple, subtle versatility for every aesthetic.
  • Choker or Collar Necklaces: Snug and fitted, these necklaces can be a thin line or a wide band along your neck.
  • Simple Pendant Necklaces: Typically worn on a thinner chain, this necklace features a single gem or charm at the end.

If you’re trying to figure out your everyday preferences, a simple necklace is best because you can wear it with nearly any outfit. Skip out on bold, chunky jewelry for your everyday go-to in favor of metal chains and pendants. Save your chunky pieces for days where you want to make a statement!

In terms of durability, you want a material that’s typically sweat resistant and non-allergenic. You can opt for solid gold pieces, but gold-plated materials work just as well. Anything covered in gold will stay shiny and bright, won’t turn your skin green, and will never cause an allergic reaction.

Right now, Kendra Scott is the queen of jewelry! She’s so popular because of her dynamic use of color, high-quality materials, and genuine gemstones. Kendra Scott’s team is also committed to innovation and attention to detail, so every one of her designs is a unique representation of her vision.

Some other brands with simple necklaces, bracelets, and rings that are rising in popularity include Budhagirl, French Kande, and Sorrelli Jewelry. We carry a curated selection from each of these brands in our online store, as well as our physical locations.

If you’re looking for the right necklace length, you may have to measure your neckline to determine the right fit. It’s also important to consider the style of shirts you wear most often. Shorter torsos and crew necklines mean wearing shorter necklaces that can be seen above the shirt, while longer torsos and v-neck blouses allow you to wear longer pendant necklaces.

As a rule, start with an 18 to 22” necklace that falls just below your collarbone and move outward from there to personalize your fit. We recommend going into a store to try on some simple pendant necklaces and check how they sit on your neckline.