Even the most perfect ensemble could use something extra to push it over the top. Stacked bracelet sets are one of our favorite go-to styles when we can’t decide which fashion accessory to wear for a specific look. We carry so many styles that you can go from punk rock to cute and preppy in a heartbeat! Check out bracelet sets that take the guesswork out of accessorizing.

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Stacked Bracelet and Bangle Sets from Your Fave Brands

High-quality styles and on-trend designs were an important part of our decision-making process when we curated our stacked bracelet sets. We want you to explore classic and contemporary styles that will still look amazing season after season.

To get you the styles you want, we focused on some of our most trusted brand partners, including BuDhaGirl and Kristalize Jewelry. As you check out the collection, you’ll see a huge variety of styles, like solid stacked bangles, oversized beads, natural polished stones, and bedazzled cuffs. Find your style and shine bright!

Fabulous Stacked Bracelet Deals

One of our favorite things about buying sets is that it always feels like you’re getting more for less. With stacked bracelet sets, especially, you can enjoy multiple bangles at our excellent everyday prices – and that’s before you even check out our jewelry sales.

Once you’ve found your preferred boutique bracelets, wear all the pieces together or split them up depending on your ensemble and get the most out of your outfits. We have new arrivals almost every day, so keep checking out our collection for the latest styles. Shop now and get free shipping on orders over $100.


While a lot depends on the style you choose, the magic number for stacking is typically three. You can always add or subtract stackable pieces based on your personal aesthetic and specific ensembles, but we recommend starting with three and then editing your way to perfection!

The perfect bracelet stack is all about balance. You can opt for several pieces of the same width with minimal variation or play with size by mixing one big bangle with two smaller ones.  As you mix and match, see what creates the most interesting style without feeling cluttered or distracting from your newest looks.

This isn’t as much of an issue for larger bangles and cuffs. But if your stacked bracelet set is of the thin chain variety, you might find yourself in a tangle. We recommend choosing fitted chain styles that don’t slide around easily, as well as a minimal stack with only two pieces per wrist. 

You can also pair chain pieces with bigger styles that won’t tangle instead of wearing two or more on the same wrist.

Definitely not! In fact, it’s probably better for your bangles or bracelets to be a mix of sizes to make your stack look a bit more multi-dimensional and effortless. Consider exploring multiple sizes when you shop beaded bracelets with beads that range from tiny pearls to big geodes.

You can absolutely stack bracelets on both wrists. One of our favorite ways to make this work is by creating an independent stack on your dominant wrist and then mixing and matching a more subtle stack with your watch. It can complement a bulkier piece or elevate a delicate design. However, if you do choose to wear stacked bangles or bracelets on both wrists, you may want to skip the statement necklaces, cocktail rings, and bold earrings so they don’t compete with your wrist jewelry.

Since bracelet fit is important, it’s good to know the typical size you’ll find online. Most of our stacked bracelet sets fit in with the average bracelet size. For a woman’s wrist, the most common length is seven inches. For men’s pieces, sizes may go up to nine inches.

To find your ideal bracelet fit, you should start by measuring around your wrist. Once you have that number, add about half an inch to get your total bracelet size. 

This sizing will result in a looser fit, allowing hard bangles to slide over your hand. For thin chains with clasps and beaded stretch bracelets, you may want to shop for a length that is closer to your actual wrist size.