Whether you’re looking for the perfect leggings to hit the gym or a pair you can pull off at the office, our massive selection of women’s fashion leggings deliver. There’s nothing like the comfort and versatility of boutique leggings to give you the stretch and fit you really want, so why not live in leggings when you get a pair for every day of the week? Check out leggings from brands like Democracy, Z Supply, and more at The Willow Tree Boutique!

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Boutique Leggings for Every Occasion

At The Willow Tree Boutique, we’ve curated a unique selection of functional and fashionable leggings. From the simple black legging with a convenient pocket to shining faux leather leggings and leggings with racing stripes, you have access to chic, effortless looks that add a little something extra to your wardrobe.

Make everyday leg day when you show off your gams in a pair of our boutique leggings.

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Leggings are all about feeling snug and secure in your bottoms, so we make it super easy to find the perfect fit. Explore our measuring guides, model measurements, and inclusive sizing options to help you get it right!

Once you try our women’s fashion leggings, you’ll want to live in these high-quality fabrics and breathable styles. Shop The Willow Tree Boutique now for the boutique leggings of your dreams!


Boutique clothing items come from a specialized store that offers niche products for a specific audience. A boutique also usually provides more personal customer service, higher quality clothing, and a simplified shopping experience. 

At The Willow Tree Boutique, we focus on providing unique, chic, and fashionable clothes for the modern woman.

Whether you plan on wearing your boutique leggings to the gym, work, or a day of running errands, there are a few things to look for if you want to ensure your comfort.

  • Squat-proof fabrics. You don’t want to bend over and find out that the fabric has stretched so much that it’s see-through!
  • Moisture-wicking material blends that include cotton, rayon, or spandex all ensure you stay cool even when working out.
  • The right fit so your leggings don’t slip down or squeeze too tight. Compare your measurements to our size chart.

Like all clothing, your leggings will stretch a little over time — especially as the materials start to succumb to wear and tear. Some of this may have to do with the fabric of your leggings, how frequently you wash them, and how they fit your figure. 

At The Willow Tree Boutique, we provide women’s fashion leggings made of high-quality, durable fabrics. We also give explicit care instructions to ensure your boutique leggings last as long as possible.

There are a few ways you can tell if your leggings are too small or too big when you first try them on. If it feels like a wrestling match every time you try to slide them on, they’re probably a little on the small side. Your leggings shouldn’t dig into you at the waistband, and they shouldn’t contort or leave marks on your skin.

Worried your leggings are too big? Some warning signs include sagging at the butt or knees, leggings that slide down as you walk, and a waistband that isn’t quite snug.

The key to buying leggings online is measuring yourself and comparing your measurements to the size chart. First, measure your waist, looping the tape around your narrowest area. Next, measure your hips at their widest, as well as your inseam and the circumference of your thigh. These measurements should give you the right numbers for any chart.

From stylish, boutique leggings to warm-weather functional styles, leggings are simply an incredibly comfortable choice for most occasions. They provide a stretchy, breathable solution that feels like a second skin. Leggings never chafe or rub you in the wrong spots, and they support you around the middle for a slimming silhouette.

Women’s fashion leggings are also incredibly versatile these days, with simple, workhorse options for the gym, as well as fancy, elegant, and bedazzled styles for the office, cocktail hour, or brunch with the girls.