The Willow Tree Boutique’s graphic tees are known for their quality. With sayings ranging from inspirational to quirky, you’ll find the perfect tee to express your style and personality. Each boutique t-shirt is made of materials that are breathable and extremely comfortable. Explore our collection to find your favorite new tee!

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Boutique Graphic Tees for Every Personality

There’s nothing more fun than finding a cute t-shirt with a saying that perfectly expresses how you feel. Our collection of boutique graphic tees includes inspirational quotes for those who enjoy spreading positivity through fashion. For the unconventional, we have plenty of out-of-the-ordinary and off-the-wall options to choose from.

For our sports enthusiasts, you’ll love our Game Day collection. These game-day tees are perfect for tailgating, hosting Super Bowl parties, or supporting your favorite team. If you decide to take to the field for some sports fun of your own, our tees are machine washable, so you can wear them over and over.

Score the Perfect Boutique T-Shirt

At our women’s clothing boutique, we enjoy putting together collections of boutique graphic tees we know you’ll love. Make these stylish and amusing t-shirts a staple in your wardrobe. With so many choices at great prices, there’s no excuse for missing out, so shop our cute tees today. We have new arrivals of graphic tops nearly every day, so keep an eye out!


Most graphic tees in our collection are not embroidered, woven, or screen printed, so the designs are ironed on separately from the fabric. If you want to make sure your graphic tee lasts for years of wear and washes, follow these essential care and maintenance tips:

  1. Wash your boutique graphic tees inside out! Keeping the designs away from the washing machine and dryer's rough and tumble elements can help make them last longer.
  2. Always wash your tees in cold water. Hot water can be really harsh on fabric, as it strips away the natural oils of the fibers. Washing in hot water can lead to more wrinkles and wear.
  3. Use minimal detergent! Detergent, fabric softener, and many other products can cause discoloration. Use just enough of these products to clean your tops effectively. 
  4. Don’t dry your shirts in direct sunlight. Even if your boutique t-shirt is already inside out, you still want to keep it out of direct sun, as UV rays can fade colors and wear away natural fibers.

Whew! You made it through that careful wash cycle, but you’re not done taking care of your graphic tees. If you’re worried about creasing the designs by folding your t-shirts, we recommend hanging them in your closet or draping them over a hanger.

With these alternatives, you can protect the graphic design from friction, snagging, and creases.

If you’re looking at warm weather styles, we love graphic tees with denim shorts, jeans, or even linen trousers. You can wear a baggy cropped tee to balance out tighter styles, like biker shorts, as well as fitted silhouettes with wide-leg pants. For a tough-girl look, wear combat boots and tennis shoes. For something a little more girly, opt for sandals or ballet flats.

So, while business casual is a little more relaxed, you still have to remember the business part of the term. We recommend avoiding styles that are a little too laid back for business casual environments, like graphic tees, denim, and sneakers.

You may not have to wear pencil skirts and blazers, but keep your style along the lines of trousers and cardigans instead of graphic designs.

While boutique graphic tees may not be appropriate for business casual attire, you can definitely wear them in smart casual environments. We recommend elevating a more relaxed outfit with a pointy-toe shoe and a structured blazer to balance out the more mellow vibes of graphic tees or denim.

You know your work environment best, so gauge the level of your work clothes based on observation of other fashionable people on the job.