Let them know what you’re all about with a single glance. The Willow Tree’s bold statement necklaces are all about taking space, being loud, and living unapologetically. Let your daring personality shine through with our boutique statement necklaces that are as extravagant as you. Turn heads and leave a lasting impression by donning these unique pieces. Spice up every outfit with chunky metal and acrylic chains, beaded fringes, stringed pearls with crystal brooches, and more.

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Unique Like You

Each of The Willow Tree’s boutique statement necklaces is completely unique so you can embrace your individual style with a necklace that speaks to who you are. Featuring collections from brands like Made In The Deep South which boasts one-of-a-kind pieces with large pearls, chunky layered chains, and crystal brooch pendants that are a combination of vintage and antique jewelry seamlessly put together.

If you want to grab attention wherever you go, a bold statement necklace from our collection will have your back! Complete your boho chic outfit with an over-the-top beaded necklace with fringe tassels. Or spruce up your plain blouses and shirts with a statement necklace with glass stones in geometric cuts.

For Bold Of Heart

At The Willow Tree, we believe in taking risks with our fashion choices, experimenting with fun colors and offbeat designs, and going all out when we want to make a statement to the world. Our statement necklaces are bold beauties that are made for those special occasions where you want to exude confidence and express yourself with your personal style. If you want to step out of your comfort zone and stand out from the crowd, then our boutique statement necklaces help you create standout looks that won’t ever go unnoticed.