Let them know what you’re all about with a single glance. The Willow Tree’s bold statement necklaces are all about taking space, being loud, and living unapologetically. Let your daring personality shine through with our chunky statement necklaces that are as extravagant as you. Turn heads and leave a lasting impression by donning these unique pieces.

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Bold and Beautiful Chunky Statement Necklaces

Each of The Willow Tree’s bold statement necklaces is completely unique, so you can embrace your individual style with a piece that speaks to who you are. In our selection, you can find one-of-a-kind styles with large pearls, chunky layered chains, and crystal brooch pendants that are a combination of vintage and antique jewelry seamlessly put together.

If you want to grab attention wherever you go, a chunky statement necklace from our collection will have your back! Complete your boho chic outfit with an over-the-top beaded necklace with fringe tassels. Or spruce up your plain work blouses and shirts with a statement necklace featuring glass stones in geometric cuts.

Spice up every outfit with chunky metal and acrylic chains, beaded fringes, stringed pearls with crystal brooches, and more.

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At The Willow Tree, we believe in taking risks with our fashion choices, experimenting with fun colors and offbeat designs, and going all out when we want to make a statement to the world.

Our chunky statement necklaces are bold beauties that are made for those special occasions where you want to exude confidence and express yourself with your style. If you want to step out of your comfort zone and stand out from the crowd, our boutique statement necklaces help you create standout looks that won’t ever go unnoticed.


While timeless jewelry, like pearls, tennis bracelets, and diamond solitaires, are making a comeback, bright and big pieces with retro flair are still wardrobe essentials. 

Depending on your aesthetic, you might find a bold statement necklace fits better with an exciting blazer or neutral blouse than a thin gold chain. Your preference may even change depending on your mood or the occasion!

Most of the time, you should let your statement necklace do all the work for you. Pair your statement piece with simple necklines that give your necklace room to shine. 

We also recommend letting your necklace be the only piece of jewelry you wear. Leave the earrings and bracelets at home when you wear a piece from our chunky statement necklace collection! However, if your outfit is exceedingly simple, you can throw caution to the wind and really go all out with bold jewelry from every angle.

If you’ve ever seen a necklace that is the opposite of a delicate and dainty chain or pendant, you’re looking at a bold statement necklace. Nearly any big and chunky style belongs in the statement category. You’ll find statement styles in a variety of sizes and materials, including choker-type pieces, collars, and layered strands.

Discover the unique statement necklaces in our collection to find pieces made with gemstones, beads, leather, feathers, and much more. Find your voice with the unique options in our massive collection.

The best way to choose the right chunky statement necklace for your jewelry box is by looking at your favorite clothing essentials. You can choose styles that contrast with basic essentials or those that amp up the volume of your go-to blouses, blazers, or dresses.

If you don’t know where to start, you can always take a look at what our models are wearing in product images to see what we love to wear with each and every necklace. You can also rest assured that each of our bold statement necklaces looks great with a white v-neck tee.

Chunky statement necklaces have a long history in a variety of ancient cultures. They started as beaded styles that showed off a person’s wealth and standing due to the size and materials of the beads. However, statement necklaces became more prevalent when metalworking techniques made it into jewelry-making. 

Some of the oldest statement necklaces were discovered in Egypt, including collar necklaces, thick rings, and large dangling earrings. The earliest known necklace was found to have been made about 40,000 years ago!

If you have any other questions about our selection of chunky statement necklaces, shipping policies, or returns, our team is here to help! Reach out for personalized support and answers to all your questions.