As far as casual fashion goes, rocking the right pair of shorts is an essential vibe. Boutique shorts elevate the classic look, and The Willow Tree Boutique is here for it. Whether you’re looking for a retro throwback like boutique denim shorts, casual fleece shorts, or versatile biker shorts, you’ll find a full selection right here.

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Boutique Shorts for Any Occasion

Whether you’re shopping for activewear, denim, or cotton styles, our boutique shorts deliver high-quality fashion and comfort. We carry top brand names, including Free People and Spanx! Explore our casual shorts for running errands or lounging around the house, as well as elevated linen, sequined, and embroidered options that look great at a garden party or first date.

While the days of Southern Belle cut-offs are long gone, you can still capture the spirit of Daisy Duke with modern swag in boutique denim shorts from The Willow Tree! Whatever style you need to update your closet, we’ve got it! Shop now for new styles and old favorites right here.

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There are several different styles of boutique shorts that should fall at different areas along your leg. While Bermuda or cargo shorts might go all the way down to your knee, hot pants and short shorts end just below your derriere. Most other short styles are designed to reach just above your mid-thigh.

If you have any questions about how our shorts should fit, take a look at the images for each product to see how they fit the model. You can also visit our sizing and model information page for more details about fit.

While shorts in professional work environments may have been taboo in the past, today’s relaxed office culture has a little more flexibility. However, you still shouldn’t throw on your shortest Daisy Dukes before heading into the office!

Avoid those denim boutique shorts unless you work in ultra-casual spaces. Instead, we recommend exploring slightly longer shorts that fall to your mid-thigh in elevated fabrics like silk, linen, satin, and velvet.

If you’re trying to figure out how to wear boutique shorts in professional environments, materials and length are the most important factors. As we mentioned above, elevated materials are a must-have. In addition to linen and silk, you can also look at leather, corduroy, and tweed options.

Now that you have your shorts, let’s talk about the rest of the outfit. We think a blazer is a great way to make any look more formal and professional, especially over a nice blouse, so find a structured silhouette that matches your shorts. Next, consider your shoes. Don’t go for sneakers or sandals here. Aim for sophistication with a ballet flat or kitten heel.

Finally, it’s time for your accessories. Pearls, gold chains, and diamond studs are always a classic choice!

We believe that fashion should be as inclusive as possible. So yes, older women can wear boutique shorts, even denim ones! In fact, we have a Fashion Knows No Age collection that highlights tons of styles ideal for everyone. Explore this chic selection today to find new closet essentials you thought were no longer for you.

Even though everyone has their own aesthetic, there have been undeniable favorites in the fashion cycle for the last few years.

One style we’re seeing a lot in our brand name partners is the high-waist or paper bag style. These shorts are designed to sit at your waist and highlight the slimmest part of your body while elongating your legs to make you seem taller and more slender. These shorts also have a looser, flowier fit that makes you look effortlessly elegant and sophisticated.

Explore some of our favorite ways to style boutique shorts and other summer essentials by visiting our blog!