You know those women who always manage to look flawlessly put together? Well, we know their secret. It lies in the tops! Yep, a fab top is a great foundation piece for any number of looks. Fortunately for you, The Willow Tree has a wide selection of women's printed tops for any and all occasions, so you can keep your look effortlessly fresh. Our wide variety of colors, prints, and styles gives you the freedom to define your unique look.

Our comfortable printed tops make all-day fashion look oh-so-good. Whether you’re gearing up for tailgating season, finding the right look for a weekly brunch, or adding a fresh take to your work wardrobe, we’ve got the styles you crave.

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Express Your Fun Personality

When it comes to expressing yourself through fashion, our women’s printed tops help you do just that! Ready to show off your fun and fierce side with animal print? Or do you want to feel cozy and cute in an oversized sweater? Thinking about dressing up for date night with a ruffle-accented blouse? Let us help put your personality in the spotlight with any of the printed tops in our collection.

Flattering For All Figures

Our printed tops flatter all figures. Pair them with jeans, leggings, or a skirt. Looking for just the right finishing touch? We have that, too, with jewelry to help you accessorize any outfit. We know women of all ages love our tops because of the versatility and comfort they provide.

Looking for more adorable outfits to wear every day? The Willow Tree’s got your back. Choose from all your favorite brands in-store or online, and be sure to check back often since we update our selection regularly!


In the simplest sense of the word, a pattern is any type of repeating design, including stripes, florals, and geometric shapes. These designs can be applied to fabric in several different ways. Typically, when a shirt is patterned, the design is part of the fabric, woven or embroidered directly into the piece. 

Prints like those on printed tops, on the other hand, are applied on top of the fabric through screen printing, block printing, or digital printing. Usually, these are less casual than patterned designs.

The best way to tell if a shirt is patterned or printed is to flip it inside out. If you see the design woven into it on the opposite side, it’s a pattern. If there’s no design on the inside, it’s likely a print.

Patterns are usually more durable than prints, as designs on women's printed tops can be worn away by wear and tear, washing machines, sun exposure, and age.

If you want to make sure your printed blouses last as long as possible, there are several care tips you should follow, including:

  • Turn your clothes inside out before washing them
  • Wash tops in cold water
  • Avoid the use of fabric softeners or bleach
  • Do not put your printed tops in the dryer

If you’re truly worried about damage to your blouses, you can take them to be dry-cleaned for the best possible care.

Printed shirts are a fun way to add interest, energy, and personality to your everyday outfits. There are tons of ways you can incorporate patterns and prints into your wardrobe! Check out some of our favorites:

  • Dress down a suit set with a printed tee
  • Go smart casual by pairing printed shirts with chinos
  • Opt for themed prints to match the season or holiday
  • Dress up denim jackets or pants with a patterned blouse

The easiest option for matching a printed shirt is a basic, neutral bottom that lets your prints stand out. We recommend jeans for casual outfits and black slacks for more elevated ensembles. 

You can also match your bottom to a specific color in the top to create a more cohesive outfit, like wearing burgundy slacks that match the same shade of burgundy in a floral top.

Absolutely! In addition to patterns in seasonal colors, like pastel florals for fall or navy and white stripes for summer, there are also holiday prints that work best for specific times of year. We have printed tops for everything from Valentine’s Day to Halloween!

Depending on your work environment, the answer is usually yes! Only the most strict of workplaces won’t allow a pattern or print. For elevated styles, look for patterns on luxury fabrics, like silk or linen.