Learn How to Accessorize With Cute Boutique Accessories

woman selecting beaded jewelry in store

When it comes to choosing an ensemble, the shirt you choose is only scratching the surface. After looking in your closet for the eighteenth time, and finally deciding on that top your mother bought you, comes the all-too-often-daunting task of how to accessorize it. While the accessories you decide upon are your own choice — and you rock excellent style on the daily — choosing the right ones can really make or break an outfit. You may own an overflowing jewelry drawer or just a few staple pieces. Oftentimes, the simplest of accessories is the perfect option to perk up even a basic look.

In a way, accessories are like caffeine for your style. They can bring energy to even the most comfort-driven ensembles and help your darling daytime look transition to go-getter glam by night. If you’ve ever impulse bought a unique piece that you just haven’t found the right way to wear, now is your chance to make unique use of it! For every outfit, there are cute boutique and women’s fashion accessories that will bring it to life!

Made in The Shade

woman wearing brown tortoise shell oversize sunglasses

After Hours Quay Sunglasses

Sunglasses are more than just an extra addition to your overflowing purse — they give instant attention to any sunny-day style you’re going for. Shield your gorgeous eyes and adopt a touch of everyday glam when you opt for an oversized pair of sunnies. Of course, there are lots of styles and designs to complement any face shape and make you feel like a celebrity. When deciding how to accessorize your next look, try some tortoiseshell sunglasses for a sophisticated finish that matches almost every outfit or swimsuit. A more subdued color takes your more structured tops and dresses to another fashion level.

A Waist to go Wild For

woman wearing skinny animal print belt

Itty Bitty Animal Print Belt

Another way to fab up an everyday look is by separating the pieces — and a solid or patterned belt can do just the trick! Belts have a way of bringing a look together and easily answer the question of how to accessorize an outfit any day of the week. Whether you like a higher midriff or something with a slouchier, trendy fit, The Willow Tree Boutique offers tons of boutique jeans featuring styles that flatter any figure at any age. So, cinch your waist with your favorite pair of pants and get instant style satisfaction for your perfect proportions.

Make A Neutral Statement

close up of woman wearing linked drop earrings

Natural Linked Earrings

This may not be breaking news, but you can totally wear statement earrings for any occasion. From the grocery store, or your kid’s soccer tournament, to your best friend’s wedding, date night, and beyond, you can don a pair of lightweight, look-at-me lobe pieces and completely change your look. Accessorize an outfit with earrings in a more neutral color and enjoy the versatile impact this can make with solid and printed tops or even casual dresses.

Pick a Polished Pendant Necklace or Two

close up of woman wearing layered gold necklaces

Yours Truly Initial Necklace

Necklaces have always been an accessory favorite. The popular layered look draws the eyes up, and it’s especially great for those who love to have all eyes on them! You can easily accentuate your lovely neck and spice up your usual necklace assortment with an individualized embellishment — like a sparking initial pendant! When discovering how to accessorize an outfit, browse through the latest women’s fashion accessories and stock up on both gold- and silver-tone pieces. Incorporating the different metals in your looks leaves you and your outfit free to complement earrings, watches, and more metallic accents without fear of clashing.

Rose Gold is All the Rage

close up woman wearing rose gold bangles

Budha Girl Bracelet - Rose Gold

A chic bracelet (or three) adds the right amount of modern fashion to complete both casual and dressy outfits. Say goodbye to the days of noisy, fear-of-falling-off-your-wrist bangles — these little pieces feature a weightless feel and semi-flexible material, offering a little give when you slide them on your hand and a whole lot of double-takes throughout the day.

The Willow Tree Boutique has new clothing styles and women’s fashion accessories added almost every day, and with fast and free shipping on orders over $100, it’s never been more convenient to score the boutique-quality pieces you’ve been dreaming of! Pick one or several and feel completely confident with how to accessorize your day-to-day.