How to Choose The Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

woman wearing round sunglasses

While perusing the looks from great sunglass makers like Peepers, the biggest consideration isn’t style or color; it's finding the best sunglasses for face shape, whether oval, heart-shaped, or square. While trendy options like aviators and oversized frames have reigned supreme, today’s must-have looks are all about being unique. A truly chic look is the one that matches you perfectly. Follow this easy-to-use guide, and check out the sunglass offerings from top brands curated by the fashion lovers at The Willow Tree Boutique.

model wearing Heat Wave pink gold sunglasses

Heart-Shaped Faces (or an “Inverted Triangle”)

Wondering how to choose sunglasses for a heart-shaped face? Since heart-shaped faces usually have a wider forehead and tapered chin, a solid aviator-type shape works best. A soft curve that isn’t too round—and a balanced lens shape in the wayfarer style—complement this face shape well.

Square or Rectangular Faces with a Strong Jaw

If you have strong features that put one in mind of Angelina Jolie, look for a rounded bottom to soften those edges a bit. Finding the best sunglasses online can be a bit of a challenge, as the fit will be essential to finding your perfect pair. Cat-eye or sport style frames can sometimes add a severe dynamic to this face shape, so avoid any sharp angles for a more feminine appeal.

Ovals And Diamonds (“Princess Cut”)

For those of us with oval-shaped faces, where there’s a bit of symmetry both horizontally and vertically for our features, the best option is to lean in. Your naturally well-balanced features can handle a variety of more adventurous frames, but the best sunglasses for your face shape are rounded and oversized lenses. Steer clear of butterfly styles, as they can add an oblong warp to the shape of your head.

Round Face

After Hours Quay Sunglasses

Luckily for those of us with rounded face shapes, wider square looks suit our heads very well. While some might shy away from oversized square frames or adventurous variations on the butterfly model, these can be ideal for round faces. With a round face shape, the proper fit is extremely important, and the best sunglasses for face shapes like yours will be properly fitted so the edges of the frames line up perfectly with your outer temple.

Now that you’re ready to find the best sunglasses online, we’ve got you covered from head to toe for the sunnier season. Want to find a great graphic tee to complete the look? Discovering the perfect additions to your closet (and great brands dedicated to unique offerings) has never been easier than at The Willow Tree Boutique!