The comfort of long sleeves without a heavy material to weigh you down? Yes, please! Bring on the boutique kimonos so we can fill our closet with the perfect breezy outerwear for spring and summer. The Willow Tree Boutique loves these versatile options for anyone who wants to layer on just one more thing before heading out the door! Explore our ladies’ kimonos to find new ways to layer, enhance any casual vibe, and experiment with unique colors and prints for even more unforgettable outfits.

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Ladies’ Kimonos in Endless Styles, Colors, and Prints

Often characterized by intricate patterns, longer silhouettes, and wide sleeves, modern ladies' kimonos are versatile outerwear that is flowy and delightfully playful. They’re appropriate for nearly any occasion, from a beach trip to a wine tasting, and they come in so many aesthetics that there’s always something for everyone.

Whether you love bright colors and floral prints or subtle neutrals and simple designs, our boutique kimonos deliver a selection that explores whatever vibe you’re feeling right now. Shop a couple of pieces to add to your wardrobe and enjoy a few unique mid-length styles that work well for any look.

It’s All About You!

When you shop at The Willow Tree Boutique, it’s pretty obvious that we curate our collections to make them all about you! Our team works hard to find the freshest trends to guarantee that your outfits always make a splash.

With our ladies’ kimonos, we provide just one more opportunity for empowerment and self-expression in a way that makes you feel beautiful and special. Shop with us to experience a customer-first attitude from start to finish! Enjoy free shipping on orders over $100.