Holiday Party Outfit Ideas

Women in party dresses holding champagne

As the colder weather sets in, it’s time to prepare yourself for all the various holiday parties these seasons bring, whether they’re via Zoom or in person. There’s something about cold weather that makes people want to enjoy each other’s company — or maybe people enjoy good parties no matter what the weather is. Who’s to say, really?

One thing’s for sure: you are bound to be invited to a few holiday parties this year, and finding the perfect holiday party outfits is crucial. If you’re going to multiple holiday parties, you don’t want to be caught outfit repeating!

We’ve compiled some holiday outfit ideas so that you can mix and match pieces to create unique and fun party outfits for any occasion.

Velvet Pieces

a woman in a pink velvet party dress looking over her shoulderVelvet is the quintessential holiday fabric. If you want to feel instantly more festive, consider shopping for velvet dresses, skirts, blazers, or pants to wear out to a holiday party. It’s hard to not feel merry when you’re wearing a luxurious velvet outfit during the cold weather — they’re warm, soft, and lavish.

Velvet is one of those fabrics that screams ‘special occasion’, but it’s also one of the softest options out there. It is a total win-win, and one of the best fabrics you can choose for holiday party outfits.





a woman wearing a festive red velvet blazer

Blazers bring the perfect balance of chic sophistication to any outfit without being overly dressy. They can be dressed up or down, depending on what style or fabric you choose, and they’re perfect as holiday party outfits because they’ll keep you warm while you’re out and about.

You’ll look cool and polished when you throw a blazer on top of an old dress from your closet. You can create entirely new outfits just by incorporating this easy piece into older looks. Have fun mixing and matching new blazers with old skirts, dresses, or tops to create new holiday outfit ideas.



a woman posing in a leather mini skirt and satin top

Skirts often evoke images of spring or summer, but they can absolutely be worn during the holidays when paired with the right pieces. Find skirts with interesting patterns or fabrics, like vegan leather, suede, or animal print. They look great when worn with patterned tights and statement boots or a satin top.

Don’t shove your skirts away when the weather gets colder! Incorporate them in with your winter clothes and you’ll have tons of new holiday party outfits at your disposal. You can even find some that are made from velvet, or they can be paired with blazers on top. Have fun mixing and matching different pieces with fun skirts.




Combine the Old and the New

One of the best ways to make new holiday party outfits is by combining old things from your closet with new winter pieces. Just because the summer and spring seasons are over, doesn’t mean you can never wear certain items from then. Layering can be a great way to make new outfits for the winter season. Have fun finding new holiday outfit ideas using velvet pieces, blazers, and skirts!