Carry a Top Across the Seasons: How to Layer Clothes for Winter

a stylish woman wearing a cardigan layered over a graphic tee

Table of Contents

  1. Layering on Top
  2. Layering Underneath
  3. Building a Look with Depth
  4. Layering Dresses

Want to pump up your wardrobe options for fall and winter? Try short-sleeved tops! That’s right, they aren’t just for spring and summer. You can wear women’s fashion tops and blouses all year-round. Layering is a simple trick to expand your choices for what to wear during chilly months. But… do you still wonder how to layer clothes for winter? Don’t worry — the answer is simpler than you think.

a woman with a warm cardigan layered over a black top

Say sayonara to the thought of only wearing warm-weather shirts when the mercury rises and get some wear out of your favorite shirts year-round through layering! You could start by simply adding a tee-shirt under a cardigan. Wear your summer tops as a base layer, and open the door to endless style possibilities. Find your favorite bold color top or a fun print you love. Sheer layered fabrics make great accent points for your fall and winter looks too. 

Ready to put the fun in fashion? Play around with all these options and build countless outfits from a single short-sleeve top! And the best part is, you can use the tops and blouses in your closet right now!

Learn how to layer clothes for winter in three easy steps.



1. Layering on Top

a woman modeling a long sleeve tee and jeans

Do you love layering your favorite tee on top of a long sleeve shirt, like a warm thermal? So do we! It creates a truly layered, cozy style when you mix fabrics and textiles. Complete the look by pairing it with a beanie, scarf, and boots (and thick boot socks!) for an outfit that is sure to keep you warm, no matter what. It’s the perfect way to learn how to layer shirts effortlessly. 

2. Layering Underneath

a woman wearing a button-up blouse over a dark tee with gold jewelry


Have a dreary fall or winter outfit that could use some much-needed life? Learn how to layer clothes for winter that will keep you comfy, warm, and protected from the chill. Use a high contrasting color, such as a marigold yellow or bright red, underneath an open-front button-down top to immediately perk up your look and add polish to your appearance. We think there’s just something effortless and alluring when you wear a tee under an open front flannel with a tangle of delicate necklaces. Patterned shirts work well for this too. Layer underneath a long sleeve solid shirt and have the patterned short-sleeve top peek out from the bottom for some added intrigue.

3. Building a Look with Depth

 a woman layering a blazer fashionably over a band tee

Want to know a great way to work your warm-weather shirts into winter? Jackets! Throw on a nice light jacket over your fave tee for a classic go-to look. Like a look with more of an edge? Make it a bomber or a denim jacket. And girl, that’s not all you can do with women’s fashion tops and blouses!

When that sweater weather hits, we love these tops with chunky sweaters, cardigans, and long skirts to create a look you’ll love more than pumpkin spice. Fact is, when it comes to building a look with depth, it’s all about that base — a base shirt that is. That’s why you want to learn how to layer clothes for winter with a bold color to make the outfit pop. Add a fun printed tee under your favorite wooly sweater for a look that’s made for brunch. Layer your base tee under an opened flannel top and open sweater to create three layers of perfection. 

Have your heart set on a printed tee? Use muted neutral tones for the flannel and sweater so that your tee is still the anchor in the ensemble. A long cardigan, printed tee, and wide-brimmed hat will make you fall in love all over again with your summer tee. Pair with distressed jeans and boots to make it a full look.

4. Layering Dresses

a woman wearing a long cardigan over boots

Do you love short-sleeve dresses as much as we do? Apply the same concepts you’ve learned about how to layer shirts, and you’ll be sure to look cool while staying warm in your favorite pieces. Combine a long cardigan and booties for an adorable fall go-to, or dress it up with tights for an easy winter look.

Are you ready to take packing up your summer tops off of your to-do list? Have some fun learning how to layer clothes for winter by mixing those short-sleeved, lightweight pieces into your daily look. You’ll enjoy the feel of having a whole new wardrobe without paying a penny! Happy styling!