Women’s Fashion Tips to Transition Sweaters to Spring

cheetah print sweater pullover

Turquoise oversize sweater with pockets

colorful striped sweater

The time between winter and spring can be an odd season no matter where you live. You never know when you might be hit with the last of the winter rain or snow, or when you could wake up to a gorgeous, temperate day. Regardless of what the weather does, it’s important to figure out how to dress for it, and sweaters are an essential part of this task. Learn more about how The Willow Tree Boutique uses our women’s fashion sweaters to transition our looks into spring styles today!

1. Layering

Since the weather can change from rain to shine in a heartbeat during the spring, layering is an important part of being prepared for anything. You might want to throw on a t-shirt with a spring sweater before finally layering on a heavier coat or denim jacket. A warm hat and a scarf are the perfect addition for ultra-cold mornings and they’re easy to throw into your car or purse once it warms up.

2. Sweaters Instead of Jackets

When it comes to layering, a jacket may be a little too heavy for spring in your area. If you have a pretty mild spring, you can always substitute a plush sweater for a jacket. The heavier fabric will get you through the morning’s chill and once the weather heats up, you can reveal the cute clothing you’re wearing underneath! Cardigans and kimonos are also a great spring sweater-adjacent substitute for heavier jacket materials like denim and leather.

3. Mix Long Sleeves with Short Skirts

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knit sweater and skirt combo

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Like the half and half weather we typically get in spring, you can go halfsies on your outfit too! Wear a long sleeve or spring sweater to keep your top half warm — that’s the most important bit anyway — and wear a skirt, shorts, or cropped pants on the bottom. If it turns out that the day is cold, your torso will stay nice and warm, and if the day turns warm, your legs are out to enjoy the sunshine, so you don’t overheat!

4. Lighter Materials

Instead of choosing heavy knits, wool, cashmere, or cotton, opt for lighter materials that are more appropriate for warmer weather. The perfect spring sweater could be made from linen, poly blends, or silk. Another strategy is choosing sweaters with an open knit that allows the breeze to pass through the fabric, or find sweaters that are cut lower at the neckline and sleeves. A low scoop neck sweater with a three-quarter sleeve is the perfect choice for transitory weather!

Find the Perfect Sweater

If your closet isn’t prepared for winter-to-spring weather, The Willow Tree Boutique can help! Check out our women’s fashion sweaters to find the perfect spring sweater for your breezy outfits. Shop unique selections from top brands as well as fresh new arrivals online or in-store.