How to Style Boutique Skirts and Pants

A woman wearing cropped drawstring pants

Once you wear a pair of boutique skirts or pants, the thought of slipping into your go-to faded jeans will feel impossible. Enliven your leg look with the season’s latest and greatest style and find yourself becoming a mix-and-match master. 

From cropped pants to breezy slacks, chic shorts, and thigh-skimming skirts, there are tons of ways we can show you how to style the bottom half of your outfit!

Dressing these pieces up requires a bit more savvy than just throwing on your usual Wednesday tee. The Willow Tree Boutique is here to walk you through how to style skirts and pants this spring, summer, and beyond. Get inspired by our fabulous women’s fashions!

To Tie-Dye For

Celebrate the sunny seasons in true hippie-boho style by hitting the town in hypnotically patterned boutique skirts! This take on the popular trend helps your minimalistic ensemble transcend the decades and dare to be fearlessly fashionable for years to come — as long as you know how to style these bold skirts. 

Don’t overthink it — go with a breathable graphic tee and other relaxed accessories. The adventurous cut and color make an awesome statement on its own and even give your skin a heightened glow, thanks to its complexion-complementing hues.

Be Bold and Bright

A woman wearing bright-colored pants

While some might shy away from a neon-inspired style, a nearly fluorescent finish makes a gorgeous statement at any age. Choose slightly cropped tailoring to show off those ankles and expertly showcase your favorite pair of sandals while creating ultra-flattering proportions. 

Don’t get caught up in the matchy-matchy approach. Go a little wild with other bright basics, or pay homage to these day-to-night bottoms with creatively patterned earrings that are one of our favorite ways to style a skirt.

Ultimate Street Style

Knit joggers, as a concept, aren’t particularly complicated or challenging. But, why not get excited each time we pull these out of the drawer? These comfortable basics aren’t just meant to be worn around the house or on your afternoon wine store run. 

Featured in a variety of versatile colors or even unusually chic patterns, these elastic-waist wonders are a must-have for any stylish woman on-the-go. Pair them with a knotted oversized tee, fresh city sneaks, and a distressed denim jacket for a daytime look that says, “Yeah, I know what I’m doing.”

But joggers aren’t the only way to achieve that street-style look. How you style skirts can also make all the difference. Pair sporty skirts with faux leather sneakers and a casual top to blend urban and feminine style.

Pop of Pattern

A woman wearing dressy shorts

Give your gams a little glam! Tailored shorts and skirts should be a staple of every style maven’s wardrobe. Better than the same old styles you can find in a chain store, well-fitting and high-quality shorts can be both casual and fanciful — making them an unexpectedly versatile fashion piece. 

How to style these skirts and shorts is up to you, but we recommend an equally smart shirt or even a basic top to help keep the tailored short look deliberate, and fun accessories keep any “stuffiness” in check. A unique pattern lends an effortless and youthful effect, and the modest, yet super-flattering length gives this style a 10/10 at any age.

That’s a Wrap

While you may be used to boutique pants, shorts, and skirts – Oh, my! — the real style mix-up you may come across is the elusive, yet elegant sarong. Knowing how to style these skirts offers a unique upgrade from the usual swimsuit coverup. This flowy and flirty number takes you from beach chic to cocktails on the balcony and beyond. 

Throw on a tank or cropped tee and hit the boardwalk for some window shopping. The effortless, breezy feel and geometric pattern make your poolside look really pop! Grab a beautiful beach bag to complete your look and have everything you need to feel like a million bucks!

Elevate Your Wardrobe with The Willow Tree Boutique

The Willow Tree Boutique has all your favorite brands ready to help you learn how to style skirts and pants in any season. Our hand-picked, high-quality pieces are curated for every woman at any age and offer the timeless and trendsetting style you have been looking for. 

You deserve to feel your best, and we’re here to help you find ways to style boutique skirts, pants, and more with complete confidence and satisfaction. Enjoy free shipping on orders over $100 when you shop from The Willow Tree Boutique!