Mother's Day Gift Guide


Mother's Day is one of our fave holidays to celebrate; and this year we're here to make sure you knock it out of the park with the best gift! So here is our top 6 must haves at The Willow Tree!

Shop The Look: Diva Wash 16 oz

The most luxurious washing detergent on the market! If you want her to feel special this year, spoil her with her own luxury wash that no one else can use! A little goes a long way so it's sure to last 6 months to a year depending on how you use! 

Shop The Look: Swig Collection

You can't go wrong with Swig gear! You know women need as many cups as possible.... We have a lot of activities to attend and we need to be able to grab and go on a moments notice! Our Swig collection has it all from tumblers to coolers and best of all.. they can match!!

Shop The Look: Hobo Collection, Just Mauvelous Shorts, Paisley Perfection Top, Waffley Good Romper

Really want to spoil her this year? Hobo will definitely take the cake! Quality leather and classic designs that will last her a lifetime! 

Shop The Look: Cozychic Blanket, Coral Cozychic Blanket, Terry Towel Robe

Everyone in the house will be fighting over this blanket! No matter how many washes these blankets come back just like the day you bought it! Great for movie nights and mid day naps, she'll be sure to thank you forever! 

Shop The Look: Vintage Havana Collection

Vintage Havana takes a twist on a loved staple. Have you ever seen a more beautiful shoe!? If she's a lover of all things glitter and patterns then this is definitely the gift for her! 

Shop The Look: Budha Girl Collection 

Wear them casual or classy our Budha Girl Collection boasts a colorful and timely design with a heart felt message you can't beat! We offer multiple sizes and even sizes for the littles! These are coated with an outside protectant so go ahead and get them wet and never take them off!