Fun and Cute Spring Outfit Ideas

A woman wearing a floral dress with a straw tote

With each new season, you have unique opportunities to explore fresh looks and try out bold ensembles. So if you’re getting ready for some springtime action, there’s no better place to find inspiration than The Willow Tree Boutique. 

Since there’s always Milan and Paris for the most recent fashion trends, we’ve taken our inspiration from there and added it to our collections so you can find ready-to-wear cute spring outfit ideas without all the fuss.

So what’s up and coming for the spring season? From blazers and bare legs to watercolor-inspired prints and textured blouses, there’s something for everyone. Don’t let this season pass without adding something different to your wardrobe! We want you to embrace those vibrant colors, exciting prints, and bold silhouettes. 

If you’re looking for foolproof spring looks, explore our fun outfit ideas below!

1. Blazer and Shorts

A woman wearing a blazer with denim shorts

We love this combination of professional and casual. While your blazer says I’m heading to the office, your bare legs say it’s time for some fun in the sun. There are a ton of ways to style this look, but we love an ensemble that’s almost a matching set. 

No matter what colors you prefer, cool neutrals or bright, bold hues, consider blazers and shorts in similar fabrics for warm weather, like linen, so it looks like your outfit is a power suit combo for spring. Finally, complete your look with a graphic tee and sandal flats to reinforce the relaxed vibes of this cute spring outfit idea.

If you want to keep this look ultra-casual, you can always top a blazer with denim shorts to add an element of laid-back cool.

2. Romper Time

A woman wearing a black romper with heels and jewelry

This super cute spring outfit is one of our favorites because you just need to throw on one piece before heading out the door. 

Rompers are ideal for spring days that are a little warmer because they’re totally skin-baring. But if you want to wear them on days that have a light breeze, you can easily layer up to keep warm. Add a denim jacket over your romper, and wear your most walkable sneakers

If the temperature drops even more, wear a romper with tights and booties, and top the whole look with a leather jacket and a light scarf. This cute spring outfit idea has a mix of different textures and lengths, creating added interest in your look, regardless of your color choices.

3. Sets

A woman wearing a blue and white lounge set

Just like rompers, two- and three-piece sets are ready-made outfits that take the guesswork out of getting dressed in the morning. When it comes to spring, we prefer sets that are a little more lounge-y to those that scream summer resort wear because they offer a little more coverage for breezy days. 

Explore sets for spring in loose silhouettes that come in pastel prints and lightweight textures. Whether it’s a marbleized sky blue and white or an abstract geometric print in peach and pink, both the colors and the materials should say spring is here!

4. Sheer Details

A woman wearing a sheer white blouse and holding flowers

One of the most important things to think about for cute spring outfit ideas is layers. Spring is a temperamental season that can change from fresh and breezy to warm and sunny in a heartbeat. You might even see some surprise rain come out of a sky that was clear blue an hour before. Make sure you’re prepared for anything with sheer layers for dresses and blouses.

Create a comfortable base outfit for yourself with essentials like tanks, bike shorts, and denim jeans. Then, layer a chiffon blouse, sheer tunic, or lightweight dress on top to complete your cute spring outfit. At any point throughout the day, you can shed your outer layers or add one more piece on top to keep up with what’s going on outside.

5. Beachy T-Shirt Dress

A woman wearing a t-shirt dress and a hat

The t-shirt dress has become a closet staple for nearly every team member at The Willow Tree Boutique! We love this cute spring outfit idea because the loose silhouette is incredibly forgiving, making it ideal for every shape, height, weight, and size. It’s also a really versatile choice because the neutral lines allow you to dress it up or down however you like. 

Throw on some sandals and a straw hat, and you’re ready for a casual day at the beach. With some booties and clunky jewelry, you’re looking at your next date night outfit! Toss on your favorite loafers and a blazer for a cute spring outfit at the office. No matter how you accessorize a t-shirt dress, your look is urbane, sophisticated, and, most importantly, comfortable.

6. Watercolor Blouses and Jeans

A woman wearing a watercolor blouse with lilac pants

Not every cute spring outfit idea has to be a work of art, but it can feel like one with watercolor-inspired prints. It’s our pleasure to bring to life your watercolor wishes with chic, pastel blouses in a variety of hues. Play with sleeve lengths and details to find the perfect blouse to highlight your best features, and pair them with jeans to let the print shine against a neutral backdrop.

We also like to complement the blouse with a pair of shoes that matches one of the colors in the design. Is pink the standout hue in your watercolor look? Wear some matching boots! Do you see more of a blue stand out in the patterned design? Take your ensemble to the next level with mules that keep the theme going strong!

You can also take the watercolor look even further with our selection of watercolor-inspired pants!

7. Open-Weave Sweaters

A woman wearing an open-weave sweater

Even though winter is on its way out, we’re not quite ready to get rid of our comfy sweaters. If you’re feeling the same way, it’s time to transition to a different kind of pullover for your cute spring outfit ideas. 

While you can always wear thinner, lightweight sweater materials — like a polyester cotton blend with a graphic design — we prefer to evoke the cozy feel of winter, even in spring, with open-weave knits. This style of sweater explores single-layer weaves with plenty of open spaces that work well as a solo top or as a layer over a tank or tee.

A multi-color crochet sweater over some light-wash jeans and low heels is perfect for an everyday cute spring outfit!

8. Geometric Jumpsuits

A woman wearing a jumpsuit with geometric patterns

Not every spring day dawns nice and warm, so having a jumpsuit in your transitional wardrobe is a great way to stay comfortable while putting together an effortlessly cute spring outfit idea. However, instead of choosing a jumpsuit in a single color, we think it’s time to be a little more bold with a printed design. 

We say skip out on the florals this spring and go for something a bit less traditional with an unexpected geometric print. Whether you choose black on white and add a little color in your accessories or opt for a mixture of pastel hues, we guarantee this jumpsuit will be the perfect base for any cute spring outfit.

9. Floral Dresses

A woman wearing a floral dress

You can’t have spring without at least one floral dress, or so we’re told! 

While this is the traditional option for spring prints, you can still find new and unique ways to bring a floral pattern to life when you explore The Willow Tree Boutique. In our collection, we’ve explored abstract florals, large print flowers, and even mixed non-traditional colors with pastel hues to try something new. 

Style your floral dress with a straw handbag and a fedora or rancher hat to keep your cute spring outfit idea light and playful.

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