Cozy Boutique Cardigans to Keep You Warm And Stylish

A woman wearing a warm, cozy cardigan holding a mug of tea

We know you’re always on the lookout for comfy cardigans that keep you looking and feeling great. At The Willow Tree, we’re constantly updating our seasonal selections to meet your needs. If you’re shopping for cozy cardigans and you want some inspiration to keep you stylish, check out our favorite boutique cardigan styles this winter.

1. Color Blocking

Color blocking is the perfect style for people who like to include a variety of tones in their cardigans, but don’t like the distraction of bright patterns and bold prints. Color blocking offers an interesting feature that still imbues your cozy cardigan with a touch of elegance and sophistication. Whether you prefer neutral tones or bright gem hues, our cardigan selection has something to offer!

2. Animal Print

A woman wearing a cozy animal print cardigan

Our team absolutely adores animal print everything, so of course we have animal print cardigans to complete any outfit you’re building. From lighter, sheer cheetah print kimonos to heavier dusters and oversized leopard prints, there’s something for everyone! We even have cardigans with unique embellishments like peasant sleeves, knit trim, and mixed media prints. Explore the jungle of our cozy cardigans to find the animal print cardigan for you!

3. Oversized

If you’re looking for the ultimate cozy cardigan, an oversized one is a perfect choice. You can swathe yourself in rolling layers of comfort so big it almost feels like a blanket. Whether you prefer cable knit fabric or a thick wool blend, The Willow Tree offers you a selection that features tons of materials and designs.

4. Show Stoppers

woman wearing a sequined boutique cardigan

At The Willow Tree, we love having one or two cozy cardigans that really make a statement. Whether it’s a retro, fur-trimmed poncho in a bright color or a velvet, kimono-cut cardigan with a floral print, we have tons of boutique cardigans with a little more sass and spice. If you let these be your show stoppers, you can layer any number of basics to create an outfit that still looks elevated and fashion-forward when topped with a unique, embellished piece.

5. Kimono

Not every cardigan needs to be big and wintery. You can still wear something that speaks to your personal aesthetic with a lighter, kimono-cut cardigan. These are still pretty cozy cardigans, but they’re made of lighter materials and often come in brighter colors and patterns. If you want to throw on something that moves and flows, elevating a neutral color palette, our kimono cardigans are here to offer you variety and creativity!

Shopping With The Willow Tree

The Willow Tree is more than just a boutique store with gorgeous cardigans for the woman on the go! We’re here with advice, guidance, and inspiration for all things fashion. Whether you need sizing information or you’re looking for new ways to style classic designs, our team is here to help. Explore our blog or reach out to our friendly customer service representatives today!