Best Cozy Boutique Winter Clothing Styles

basic winter clothing styles with jeans and boots

In the last year, comfort clothing has reigned supreme. Athleisure everything has been center stage, and many people are looking to switch up their fashion choices with the winter season. It’s time to leave the sweats behind and get used to wearing pants again! If you’re wondering how to balance the coziness of athleisure clothing with something a little more sophisticated, explore our top winter clothing styles for ideas and inspiration.

1. The Practical One

You’re efficient and down-to-earth. While looking good is important to you, you don’t have tons of time to mess around with your outfit. Don’t let dressing up get in the way of a busy lifestyle by making sure you have versatile closet staples that work well in any combination.

Your winter clothing style should aim for basic layers that are topped with a polished coat or jacket. Let your wardrobe lean on leggings and tunics in dark neutrals and let your outerwear do all the talking. We also recommend adding a few basic tees, cardigans, and cropped pants to prepare for all sorts of winter weather.

2. The Minimalist

two girls wearing minimalist winter fashion

One of the most effortless winter clothing styles is the minimalist. Neutral color palettes, clean lines, and monochromatic hues lead the way. You don’t have to balance bright colors or overwhelming patterns to create something stylish!

Keep your look from being too boring by playing with textures instead of patterns and colors. We love the look of a fuzzy turtleneck with a denim jacket and a ribbed or knit skirt. You can also explore suede and leather textures, as well as softer silk and lace.

3. The Utilitarian

If you spend a lot of time out of doors, hiking, skiing, or hunting, you need to focus on utilitarian winter clothing styles. While fashion is important, your clothing needs to be functional above all else.

All your outfits should include everyday base layers like heathered long sleeve tops and comfortable leggings, but you also want to consider fleece tops, puffy vests, trekking-inspired boots, and jackets with plenty of pockets.

4. The Maximalist

bright and colorful winter clothing style

The ideal boutique winter clothing for a maximalist is full of bright colors, bold patterns, and unique combinations. If you’re looking for something that’s really out there, consider pairing various fluorescent colors with neutral animal prints. How about neon pink pants with a cheetah print sweater? Maybe you should balance a bright burgundy power suit with zebra booties and a black long sleeve top. However you build your outfit, make sure there are a couple of neutral elements to allow the eye to rest from the brilliance of the rest of your look.

5. The Plant Mom

While these winter clothing styles may cross over into the boho-chic look, a plant mom is definitely someone who is drawn to loose dresses, floral prints, and dreamy color schemes. While this might seem at odds with traditional winter colors and prints, you can still get a winter wonderland version of your favorite looks by throwing any spring styles over cold-weather layers. Throw a pretty shift dress over leggings and a long sleeve top or layer a wrap dress with a similarly shaped peacoat or bulky cardigan.

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