2021 Accessories Trends You NEED in Your Wardrobe

Woman walking down the street with sunglasses

Keeping up with the hottest looks and styles can be a challenge, and 2021 accessories trends have been all over the place. From throwbacks to the 90s to sleek, modern jewelry, finding the right boutique accessories online can be a challenge. Luckily, the Willow Tree team has compiled a list of the must-have accessory trends your collection needs. Whether you prefer sleek and simple or bold and bright, there’s something for you in our list, and you’ll feel inspired to take control of your style and elevate your look today!

The Best Bucket Hats

Perfect for a day on the boat or at a picnic, this fun and fresh 2021 accessories trend is a favorite among our customers. They love this look because it’s simple, practical, and fashionable. What more could a girl want?

You can style this up or down, depending upon your mood. Get a designer bucket hat and pair it with some dramatic sunglasses for an effortlessly cool and chic look, or go a little more casual and rock a classic frayed-jean design to show off your streetwear style. Whether you need it to block out the sun, cover up a bad hair day, or highlight your unique style, a bucket hat is a must-have on our list of essential accessories.

Statement Earrings

Hoops and studs are great, but if you’re really looking to make a statement, dramatic dangly earrings are the way to go. This 2021 accessories trend is making earrings big and bold. So, you can choose from bright and beaded feather earrings or sleek and shiny industrial style earrings.

Perfect for dressing up your style or adding a pop of color, these boutique accessories go great with other bold jewelry and can easily transform your look from drab to fab in an instant.

Crystal Clear Clutch

We’re getting a little more understated with this trend; not all 2021 accessories trends need to be big and bold! A clear clutch is a perfectly subtle way to make a statement and showcase your unique style.

This modern-style bag is great for protecting your valuables and adding some edge to your look. Whether you’re rocking it on a girl’s trip or just running errands, you can make your style crystal clear when you shop for boutique accessories online.

Sweet & Sassy Sunglasses

Block out the sun with trendy sunglasses! From cat-eye shapes to colored lenses, stylish sunglasses are a must-have 2021 accessories trend. At the beach, on a date, or just when you’re out on the town, you can find a wide variety of these boutique accessories online at The Willow Tree Boutique.

We’ve updated our collection to feature all the 2021 accessories trends, so you can take your style to a whole new level this year! Whether you’re looking for your new statement earrings or a unique clutch, we have the boutique accessories online you need to showcase your unique style. Shop now!