Unique Sweater Styles to Keep Your Wardrobe Fresh

woman in cozy sweater holding coffee mugSweater weather is no time to play around: hold off too long on finding the perfect sweater styles, and you could be tossing on an old college “around-the-house” hoodie to fend off the cold. Abstain from finding your perfect look, and it’s going to be a chilly fall. Learning how to style sweaters for your shape and style is easy with the curated offerings from The Willow Tree Boutique. Find sweaters to get the perfect look: it's a simple stylistic choice with maximum chic and maximum comfort.

model wearing Chill Seeker Weekender Top sweater style

A Variety of Styles

When the air gets that crisp chill, sweater styles from Z Supply make it easy to find your perfect fall look. The Willow Tree’s offerings are chock full of prints that are perfect for pairing with casual dress-down denim styles or legging. Shift sweater clothing into the now, and offset the bulk with amazing styles that merge boho-chic with coziness. When the sunshine is a little less Laguna and a little more Malibu, embrace that northern breeze and cuddle up in comfortable, chic sophistication.

Fit for Any Look

When it comes to building a wardrobe for the chillier months, follow the same rules as setting an elegant table: focus on the centerpiece. A sweater, while functional, is a great piece to build your look around. Find a piece that complements your personal style, keeps you warm, and isn’t too bulky, then accessorize around it.

Sweater styles are perfect for the holy grail of style: layering. A modern look accessorized with bangles and the perfect set of earrings can work for a professional meeting; a sweater skirt can be worn under a denim jacket for a weekend look, or under a blazer for a business casual flair. Knowing exactly how to style sweaters to break up the monotony of the colder season is a fashionable challenge, but you’re more than capable of overcoming it! With a little help, you’ll be the go-to cold weather fashionista among your friends.

An Accessory Guide

So how do you land on the perfect sweater styles for your aesthetic? Follow The Willow Tree’s guide to match your sweater weather style to the jewelry, belts, bracelets, and necklaces you need:  

model wearing Out of the Woods Cardigan sweater clothing

  • Fierce with a plunging neckline: You can’t go wrong with a simple necklace, bangle bracelets, and warm gold tones. Feel free to forgo the earrings, or pick a simple stud.
  • Confident patterns: Less is more. Let the statement piece make the statement, and the rest of the outfit be a definitive period on the sentence.
  • Tunic-style cardigans: With such a bold choice, almost any layering can make an outfit. A sleek black jumper, a modern shirt, or even a solid colored dress are all perfect pairings.

Explore our full collection of sweater clothing styles at The Willow Tree Boutique today, and discover the ideal sweater styles for the season!