What to Wear with White Jeans

White jeans with a long black coat

There seem to be so many rules associated with wearing white jeans that many fashion girlies shy away from a chic style that could be a stunner. If you’re wondering how to wear white jeans, our team has answers!

Check out this blog about what to wear with white jeans for a few outfit recommendations, as well as some basic tips for general guidance. Find your inspo here, and share your favorite creations with us online.

Striped Top

If you’re working with a more structured pair of white denim, you should consider pairing it with a simple blue and white striped tank. Wear white jeans as the star of your look by keeping everything else toned down.

Finish this outfit with black mules and subtle gold jewelry for a summery look that says you’re sophisticated, easy, and relaxed.

Crochet Top

Wondering what to wear with white jeans that have a wide-leg silhouette? We’ve got the perfect outfit recommendation for you too! Check out a crochet top in a bright color to add unique texture to your look.

When you wear white jeans in this style, you’re letting the top balance your denim as the statement piece. Make your white denim pop even more by wearing black or navy jewelry and accessories.

Statement Blouse

White denim with a statement blouse

Whether you’re wearing straight-leg jeans or a slouchy boyfriend cut, a statement blouse is the perfect choice! We love something like a bodysuit with chic details that creates a figure-hugging silhouette.

Wear white jeans with a bodysuit that features cutouts, fringe, sequins, or buttons to make a splash with unique textures or bright colors. A two-toned raffia tote makes this look super summery, while sling-back sandals keep you feeling sophisticated.

Tiny Top

What goes perfectly with your most worn-in pair of white jeans? A tiny linen top! Wear white jeans with a crop or fitted top for a cute brunch look or beach-day vibes. This isn’t a look for the office unless you layer it with something a little more demure.

What accessories should you wear with white jeans here? Some stylish sunnies and a sun hat will make sure you look amazing from head to toe—all while keeping you protected from the summer sun!

Oversized Blouse

Is your favorite pair of white jeans chic and tailored? You should contrast the more structured design of these jeans with a billowing halter top or oversized tunic. We love making this a monochrome moment by styling your entire outfit in shades of white.

Don’t accessorize with monochrome, though! Break up all that paleness by wearing white jeans with dark-hued accessories, like a matching burgundy bag and mules.

Essential Tips

White denim with a sweater top

Now that you have some specific outfit inspo that covers what to wear with white jeans, it’s time to take a look at some essential tips that can guide you as you experiment with different outfits.

The Right Fit

Your jeans shouldn’t be too tight or too baggy. Look for a mid-rise style with a straight leg to find a silhouette that works with nearly any top on our list. If you prefer the skinny ankle pants, that’s totally fine too. But sometimes, you want a classic look that’s a little more versatile.

When shopping for a cropped denim style, look for one that ends about two or three inches above your ankle to make it easier to pair with nearly any type of shoe.

Not All Cotton is Created Equal

When you wear white jeans, you might assume that every pair of pants is made with 100% cotton woven in the denim style. But that’s not true anymore! With the advent of stretchy fabrics, many denim styles are blended materials.

White jeans, in particular, require a higher percentage of cotton to ensure you’re not risking see-through styles that show off more than you’re ready to share. Look for denim with at least 95% cotton that allows for a bit of stretch without the risk.

Keep Your Lines Clean

What we’re talking about here is the shape of the clothing you wear with white jeans. You want your tops to have the appropriate proportions, textures, and colors to work with white denim.

For example, a cropped shirt or jacket will emphasize your waist, while a jacket that ends at your hips will make you look wider. Learn how to play with multiple pieces to balance shape and proportion for the best look.

Tucked In or Out?

Crop top with white jeans

When you wear white jeans, you might be wondering how to tuck your shirt. Since white denim is already a bit of a carefree style, untucked is what we like to recommend. Tucking your shirt can make you look bulkier, and colorful tops can show through white pants.

If you really feel the need to tuck in your shirt, you should explore alternative styles that tuck in only a portion of the shirt. A side or front tuck can add some sleekness to your look without creating any awkward bulkiness.

Dress It Up

Many people wear white jeans when they’re trying to elevate a look. So when you’re shopping for new denim, opt for styles that aren’t pre-distressed. Skip out on holes, wear, and sagging that make pants look old.

To really dress up your denim, wear a crisp button-up shirt with pointed ballet flats. You can also amp up the sophistication with heels that elongate your legs!

Make White Jeans Your Own

We’ve provided some amazing style tips that will definitely help jumpstart your denim adventure. Now it’s time for you to wear white jeans your way by personalizing these style tips based on your aesthetic, lifestyle, and closet faves.

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