The Best Shoes to Wear with Summer Dresses

A woman wearing nude sandals

When creating the best summer outfits, sundresses and other breezy styles are a must. But if you’re wondering what shoes go best so you can build out your closet with the perfect outfit for every day, we have the answers!

While there isn’t a one-size solution for a shoe that goes with anything, we have recommendations for the best shoes to wear with various summer dresses. Explore this blog from the stylists at The Willow Tree Boutique to discover our favorite shoes to wear with summer dresses!

1. Closed-Toe Sandals

There are tons of closed-toe sandal options that work amazingly with some of your cutest summer dresses. Consider loafers, mules, or slides to protect your pedicure or hide gnarly toes without sweating through your soles.

Closed-toe sandals are a slightly elevated choice and usually offer more structure and support than strappy sandals and flip-flops. These are the shoes to wear with summer dresses when you’ve got an all-day thing going on or when you need a little extra foot protection.

2. Strappy Sandals

A woman with red toenails wearing nude sandals

We love a good strappy sandal because it’s a summertime classic that you’ll put to good use until the autumn leaves start turning. We prefer a double ankle strap to make them feel secure and a slightly padded sole to make walking around any vacation town ultra-comfortable. 

These are the shoes to wear with summer dresses for a relaxed day around town or when heading out to a casual restaurant — not for long hikes up the mountain or slogging through rural towns.

3. Woven Slides

Do you need an easy shoe to quietly slip on before you sneak out the door? Or maybe you just need something that’s easy to take on and off when you head to the beach! Woven slides are the shoes to wear with summer dresses because they offer wearability, versatility, and comfort.

You can find woven slides in so many styles, including flats and heels. Shop the perfect slides for heading out the door to throw out the trash or plan an outfit for a formal event!

4. Platform Espadrilles

A woman wearing platform espadrilles

We think this is one of the best shoes to wear with summer dresses because it’s the perfect balance between platform heels and flats. You won’t have to worry about wobbling around on sky-high stilts just because you want a little extra elegance with platforms!

We also love espadrilles because they offer a neutral platform base that makes it easy to build on top with dozens of different colors to ensure you can find something to match your fave dresses.

5. Scalloped Heels

If you need shoes to wear with formal summer dresses, scalloped heels are the right choice! These shoes evoke a day by the seaside with their curved lines and unique silhouettes. They also ensure a little extra support with thick straps across the ankle and the metatarsals.

Shop these heels in neutral hues. These will be the best shoes to wear with summer dresses for weddings, graduations, BBQ celebrations, and much more!

6. Printed Trainers

A woman wearing colorful sneakers

Sandals aren’t your only option for shoes to wear with summer dresses. We say bring on the trainers that have tons of fun designs with animal prints and color blocking. Wear these with hidden socks, or highlight the print with matching knee-highs!

How do you wear knee-high socks with dresses and skirts? We recommend a more casual look where you scrunch them down a little bit to create enough space between the hem of your dress and the top edge of the sock.

7. Comfort Plus Sandals

Comfortable summertime shoes are a must-have for active vacations and busy days. You don’t want to feel your feet start hurting before the day is halfway done, so the best shoes to wear with summer dresses are comfort plus sandals.

With today’s modern advancements, your comfortable sandals don’t need to look doctor-recommended. You’ll find chic styles with extra padding and support with ease.

8. Bejeweled Sneakers

A woman wearing red bejeweled sneakers

Right on the heels of printed trainers, we love a good pair of bejeweled sneakers. With sparkly styles from Sidny and metallic styles from Dolce Vita, you can add a sporty chic vibe to every dress without getting caught up in athleisure ensembles.

While these have a sneaker silhouette, they’re definitely shoes you wear with summer dresses — not the right choice for workouts!

9. Rain Boots

We love to think of summer as warm and bright. But there’s no doubt that many places experience gloom and rain, even during June, July, and August. If you think you have rain coming your way, a pair of rain boots is the perfect way to go.

These are shoes you wear with summer dresses when it’s hot outside, but the ground is getting soupy from all the rain. If it’s a light drizzle, you can make do with booties. But if you see a downpour in your future, consider knee highs to keep your feet dry!

10. Quilted Accents

A woman wearing nude quilted wedges

If you’re wondering about adding texture and visual interest to your ensemble, there is no better shoe to wear with summer dresses than a quilted design. They’re cushy, they’re pretty, and they are so interesting to look at.

You can wear these shoes with a plain summer dress for a minimalist look or amp up the volume with a pattern or print that makes all eyes snap to you!

11. Retro Mary Janes

Are you itching to design a retro ensemble this summer? We have the perfect shoe solution for you. Throw on a pair of retro leather Mary Janes, and you’ll get a 90s blast from the past. Overall dress + these shoes will transform you into Meg Ryan!

Worried these shoes are too hot to wear with summer dresses? We disagree! You won’t spend every day outdoors, and not every morning will reach 90 before the sun is high in the sky. Time your Mary Jane outfit for when you’ll be away from high temps.

12. Bedazzled Cowgirl Boots

A woman wearing pink bedazzled cowboy boots

These might not be on your top ten list of best shoes to wear with summer dresses. But trust us, cowgirl boots are a must. We love a bedazzled look in bright red or pink, but you can keep it subtle with natural prints and textiles.

Combining a dress with cowgirl boots brings us back to farm life without actually having to head back to the fields! They’re fun and flirty for every midi or mini-length dress.

13. Ballet Flats

Besides being simple and super comfortable, ballet flats are the shoes to wear with summer dresses because they’ll make your dream of feeling like a ballerina come true! Explore the sense of balance you’ll feel as you prance on tip-toe in a short, fluffy frock.

Up the ante on this look when you add a hair accessory, like a headband or barrettes, to a messy high bun for the complete look. Even a French twist in a claw clip will put you on the stage to dance Swan Lake.

14. Heeled Thongs

Casual yet elevated, the heeled thong is another shoe to wear with summer dresses that balances relaxation and sophistication. They can help lift up your everyday dresses in more ways than one — especially when you shop bright colors and wild patterns.

15. High Heeled Pump

A woman wearing nude suede heels

A nude pump is a summer dress essential! Shop your shade to blend with your skin tone, elongate your silhouette, and make it look like you’ve got legs for days. Wear these nude pumps to formal occasions for a little extra height, elegance, and sass.

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