10 Women’s Winter Wardrobe Essentials That Are Always in Style

A woman holding a pile of knit sweaters

At The Willow Tree Boutique, we’re here to help you create the ideal wardrobe for every season—including a chic winter selection that ensures you’re as cozy as you are stylish. With a full list of layering tops, blouses, and outerwear, you can have it all!

If you’re ready to curate a unique collection to keep you warm this winter, check out our women’s winter wardrobe essential recommendations to prepare for freezing winds, snow, and anything else the year throws your way!

Building a Winter Capsule Wardrobe

The capsule wardrobe is a highly curated, limited selection of items that are easy to mix and match. When it comes to women’s winter wardrobe essentials for your capsule selection, you need to prioritize versatility and closet space.

Achieving these two goals is all about planning. Make a list of the items you already own that are definitely making the winter wardrobe checklist. Now, consider your lifestyle and narrow down other essentials.

Once you know what you want to keep and what you should buy, you can start shopping based on the pieces you need to wear to work, hang out with friends, and other winter occasions—like Christmas tree shopping or ice skating.

Here are some items you can add to your shopping list.

1.The Wool Coat

A woman wearing a long wool coat

The first women’s winter wardrobe essential on our list is a must-have! The classic wool coat is a favored piece of outerwear that falls below the knee and adds an element of sophistication to any outfit.

You can immediately elevate any look with a neutral camel, black, or navy trench silhouette, stay warm with the thick collar, and create shape with a belted waist. You can even find coats with sleek details, like fur cuffs, zip-up fronts, and extra wide lapels.

2.The Puffer Jacket

So, what’s next on our winter wardrobe checklist? The puffer jacket! This selection offers a bit more of a laid-back vibe for your winter, but you can still wear it nearly every day. A shorter jacket is great for mild and brisk days.

If you’re looking to get ready for snow and blizzards, you can find long puffer coats that cover you from neck to knee for a toasty guarantee.

3.Knit Sweaters

One of our favorite women’s winter wardrobe essentials is the knit sweater. It’s absolutely non-negotiable for us because it maximizes versatile comfort and keeps you looking stylish without all the bulkiness.

We like to keep a few different sweater options in our selection, including a cardigan, mock neck sweater, and fisherman sweater. At The Willow Tree Boutique, we also focus on unique colors and patterns that add a ton of spice to every look!

4.Layering Shirts

A woman wearing a t-shirt

So, we’ve already talked about a few outer layers for your winter wardrobe checklist, but now it’s time to discuss what lies beneath. Layering tops are the most underrated winter essential for women, and everyone forgets to stock up.

For your layering shirts, you’ll need both tees and long-sleeve tops that are sleek and thin but made with warm materials. This combination guarantees warmth without adding too much bulk to your ensemble.

You should also explore a few fun patterns and colors that easily mix and match so that you’re always wearing something fun and chic—no matter how many layers you remove to match indoor temperatures.


If you only think about women’s winter wardrobe essentials for wearing out and about, you’ll find yourself shivering when you’re supposed to be comfortable at home. Treat yourself when you shop a cozy lounge set or two for relaxing on the couch.

We love PJs as loungewear, but you may also want to shop for a separate matching set that makes a relaxing time at home distinct from bedtime.

6.Denim Attire

A woman wearing a long sleeve shirt, jeans, and boots

You might be wearing jeans year-round, but denim is the perfect choice for winter as the thicker weave keeps you warmer without all the extra layers. We love pairing a good pair of skinnies with some booties or going denim on denim with a jacket to match!

We say keep it chic (and warm) when you skip out on the rips and distressing for this women’s winter wardrobe essential. You should also opt for ultra-dark or ultra-white wash styles to ensure you can match all the winter hues in your wardrobe.


Leggings made it into our lexicon for basic bottoms years ago, and they’re now on our list for women’s winter wardrobe essentials. They’re comfortable, versatile, and perfect for wearing with a winter sweater dress.

Style them any way to experience untold comfort in stretchy fabrics and warm knits. Pair your leggings with a sweater dress and over-the-knee boots to beat the cold, or wear a Sherpa wool-lined pair on its own with some sneakers and a hoodie to keep it laid back.


You might be wondering why sweaters and sweatshirts are separate on this list. But, the fact is, they’re actually different types of clothing. Sweaters use elevated fabrics to look more elegant and sophisticated, while sweatshirts are the equivalent of sweatpants for your top!

Wear your sweatshirts with simple, everyday ensembles to run errands or hang with friends. They’re easy women’s winter wardrobe essentials that are versatile and practical, offering both comfort and casual style.

9.Socks & Tights

In addition to lower body layers like leggings, you also need a selection of thinner options, including socks and tights. You can wear sheer patterned options with dresses for a playful fashion moment that adds interesting details to every ensemble.


A woman wearing over the knee boots

The last item on our list of women’s winter wardrobe essentials is boots! Utility meets comfort meets fashion in one sweet package. With tons of colors, silhouettes, and materials to choose from, you’ll definitely find a look that matches your aesthetic.

Shop What You’re Missing

Now that you can compare our women’s winter wardrobe essentials with what you already have, it’s easy to shop just what you’re missing. Browse The Willow Tree Boutique today to find chic pieces and amazing deals that help you stay stylish all season long!

Kim Kidd

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