How to Style a Chunky Knit Sweater

A woman wearing a casual brown knit sweater

Chunky knits are everywhere right now—and we absolutely LOVE IT! If you’re on the chunky sweater train but can’t figure out how to mix and match your favorite new pieces, the experts at The Willow Tree Boutique can help!

In this blog, we explore some of the top combinations for chunky sweaters. Ready to learn how to style a chunky sweater? Discover your next OOTD when you try out our ideas!

Top — Meet Bottom

The first thing we need to talk about when learning how to style chunky sweaters is which bottoms look best with these tops. Here are a few basic tips and tricks to help you choose the perfect skirt or pants for your sweater selection.

1. Add A Skirt

Styling a chunky sweater with a skirt makes your more professional outfits feel a little bit on the casual and comfy side. We think a cropped knit design with a pencil skirt and heels is a great choice for formal environments. 

How you style a chunky sweater with skirts means you have a ton of options to explore, including pleated satin, leather, and even midi circle skirts. If you’re feeling more casual, go with a leather mini and ankle boots.

2. All About the Denim

A woman wearing a white chunky sweater

Chunky knits are pretty casual by default, so pairing them with denim feels like a natural choice. How you style chunky sweaters with jeans is all about color play. You’ve already got two fun textures between the knit of your top and the weave of your pants!

When you use color for styling a chunky sweater, you get to add another layer of interest to your outfit. We love a good monochrome look, but we’re not averse to pairing contrasting hues for a bit of eye-popping style!

At The Willow Tree Boutique, our denim collection comes in a ton of seasonal colors. Style your chunky sweaters for fall with burgundy, brown, fawn, and dark wash navy. Winter colors we offer include gray, white, black, and olive.

3. High-Waisted Pants

Denim is a great choice for how to style a chunky sweater, but you may want to be warm without looking too relaxed. Instead of jeans, consider tailored trousers and slacks that range from tweed to leather.

Styling a chunky sweater with slim-fitting pants means knee-high boots aren’t out of the question, while cropped options mean booties and sneakers are definitely on the table.

Layering Tips for Sweaters

The right pants or skirt for your sweater isn’t your only consideration on this styling journey. Now, we get into layers to provide you with a guide on which items you can wear under and over your statement piece.

1. Underlayers

A woman wearing a chunky sweater over a button-up shirt

You have several options for how to style a chunky sweater with a shirt underneath. You can choose something basic and simple that won’t show at all, or make your undershirt a part of your look.

To showcase your lower layers beneath your sweater, choose a button-up shirt with a collar, cuffed sleeves, and longer shirt tails. Each of these details will show at the edges of your sweater and add fun accents to your look.

2. Over Layers

If it’s super chilly outside, a single layer underneath your sweater may not be enough. It’s time to talk about the outerwear that works with chunky sweaters.

Because these larger knits add a lot of bulk to your body, you want your outerwear to fit comfortably without adding even more weight to your look. We recommend exploring trench coats and dusters that can envelop your sweater while streamlining your ensemble.

For outerwear you plan on layering over sweaters, consider going a size up to accommodate the extra fabric between you and the jacket. Measure yourself fully clothed and compare your numbers to our size chart to determine which will provide the most comfortable fit.

Accessory Tips for Chunky Sweaters

It’s finally time to talk about how to style a chunky sweater with accessories. From jewelry and hats to gloves and scarves, we have answers to every question right here!

1. Jewelry

A woman wearing a reddish-brown sweater with jewelry

Figuring out what jewelry you can wear with your chunky sweater is all about how much skin you have showing. If you’re wearing a turtleneck or other silhouette that completely covers your neck, you obviously wouldn’t be wearing a delicate chain necklace. It would get lost in the knit!

The same goes for chunky sweaters that completely envelop your wrists and hands. How will anybody see any bracelets or bangles underneath all that fabric?

The most obvious jewelry to pair with a chunky sweater is a pair of bold earrings that stand out against a larger knit without distracting from your overall ensemble. If you want to be extra daring, you could also wear a collar-style statement necklace over your sweater.

2. Hats

Choosing a hat for winter is pretty easy. Nearly everyone snags a beanie from the shelf to protect their ears from the cold. You do have a second option, though, with a knit headband that covers your sensitive areas without hiding your features.

Since both beanies and headbands for winter are knits, you should pay close attention to how they interact with your chunky sweater. Do the knit sizes match? Are they similar colors? We recommend matching your knit and color styles together for a cohesive vibe.

3. Scarves

When it comes to how you style a chunky sweater with a scarf, you have a ton of options. You can follow the same rules as with hats to match the knit or color to your sweater or go the opposite direction.

If you don’t have too many textures in your ensemble, your scarf is the perfect place to add one. There are tons of different weaves and materials for scarves that provide a massive selection you can mix and match.

Shop Knit Sweaters at The Willow Tree Boutique

At The Willow Tree, our team is confident that with a little encouragement, you can learn how to style a chunky sweater in no time. Use our guide to create your first few looks, and your confidence will build until you can design your own chunky sweater ensemble.

As you explore different styles, don’t forget to check out our boutique sweater collection. We offer beautiful designs from some of your favorite brands, including Free People, Queen of Sparkles, and Z Supply. Shop our exclusive selection and enjoy free shipping on orders over $100!

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