How to Dress Warm but Not Bulky in Winter

Two girls wearing warm clothing out in the snow

As the heat of summer fades and the chill of winter begins to set in, it’s time to talk about how to layer your clothes more fashionably. It's not always easy to wear more clothes without feeling like a snowman!

So, The Willow Tree Boutique is here with some tips for how to dress warm but not bulky in winter. We know a lot about fashion and how to stay warm when it's cold outside without wearing too many layers. Keep reading to get tips on how to look cool and stay warm!

The Secret to Layering

The main way to prevent added bulkiness when layering up for cold weather is the delicate art of balance. The thickness of each piece of clothing, texture, and accessories all make a difference in how to dress warm but not bulky.

Follow these tips to get it right.

Have the Basics

Basic tank tops in different colors

You might think this is simple, but basic tops and bottoms help you build an arsenal of layering essentials that give you an appropriate foundation for how to dress warm but not bulky. When looking for basics, make thin layers the priority.

You need to be able to layer more on top of this base layer, so keep things flush with your body. This technique will also keep you warmer, as it concentrates your body heat and prevents it from seeping away.

Check your closet and make sure you have these base layers. If you don’t, browse our fall and winter collections to find pieces that help you layer up for cold weather.

  • Camisole or tank
  • Plain tee
  • Long-sleeve crew neck
  • Mock neck or turtleneck

Don’t look just for cotton tops here! Make sure you’re looking for blends with lycra or elastane to create a shape and support in your initial layer. Don’t let shapelessness from your base layer affect everything else that goes on top!

Prioritize Fine Knits

Who doesn’t love fine knits? Brushed wool, silk blends, cashmere — they’re a true delight to wear! Even better, they're very warm and help ensure a flush layered look without adding weight to your outfit.

You can find fine knits in a variety of silhouettes, colors, and styles to pack your wardrobe with comfortable, stylish looks you love to show off. Even if these sweaters make up your bottom few layers, you may have to reveal them once you get to warmer environments.

Most of the time, fine knits will be a secondary layer for how to dress warm but not bulky, but these can also be your top layer on fall days or breezy spring nights.

Create Your Own Shape

A woman wearing a coat with belted jeans

One of the best parts of winter is getting to wear oversized and chunky clothing. However, you should be exploring this winter trend with shape in mind. Even when adding bulk, you don’t have to be bulky!

Some of the easiest ways to layer up for cold weather and create shape is with styling and accessorizing. You’ll want to focus on your waist, tucking it in and drawing the eye there. Here are a few techniques for how to dress warm but not bulky:

  • Wear a belt to highlight your natural waist
  • Choose a long necklace to bring the eye to your waist
  • Style your shirt or sweater with a half-tuck
  • Add a structured blazer or coat that nips in at your waist

Bottoms are also a pretty big part of accentuating your waist, so look for high-waist and paper-bag silhouettes that sit at just the right spot to make your waist the star!

Play with Texture

You’ve heard of mixing and matching colors and patterns, but you can and should do the same with texture. Many of the tips for how to dress warm but not bulky we’ve already talked about have to do with your top, but this one is for your bottoms!

Explore materials like faux leather and suede for pants to contrast with all the knits and softer textures you have on top. These textiles are warm, slimming, and balancing for your overall look. A few other textures you might check out include:

  • Velvet
  • Corduroy
  • Sequins
  • Wax coated denim

If you especially love oversized styles or tunic sweaters, you definitely want a slimmer element down below, so we recommend opting for textured leggings over pants to make your lower body silhouette even thinner.

Bonus Tip: Dresses

Layered dress for winter with sweater and tights

Our final tip for how to dress warm but not bulky is for our dress lovers. Reach for all your textured skirts and dresses, including tweed and leather! Layer these over black tights or lightly textured options for a bit more flare.

If your skirt is high-waisted, make sure it stands out when you wear cropped sweaters and blazers that don’t cover it too much. And don’t forget to make boots part of your layering strategy when you explore ankle, knee, and thigh-high options.

Stay Sleek this Winter

So you’ve probably got a ton of these clothing options to mix and match. As you explore how to dress warm but not bulky this winter, share your experiments with us on social media. And if you’re missing any style essentials, shop our New Arrivals to complete your look.

Looking for more style inspo and fashion advice? We have answers to every question. Check out our blog today for tips on layering up for cold weather or essential guides for different types of clothing.

Kim Kidd

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