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With people constantly running off in search of adventures, insulated cooler lunch bags aren’t just for the office anymore. You need to be able to pack a full meal wherever you’re headed, whether it’s to the corporate building downtown or the beach with your fam. At The Willow Tree Boutique, we’ve transformed these functional essentials into something chic and fabulous with fun cooler tote bag styles that fit just what you need to keep everyone satisfied. Shop solo bags for yourself or coolers big enough for a party!

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Cooler Tote Bags and Accessories

From bright and colorful to simple and professional, our cooler tote bags deliver style and functionality for every occasion. Browse turquoise animal print styles, gold and pink marble patterns, and all-black business basics that will put your fashion on the map — and differentiate your cooler from all the others in the office fridge.

In addition to insulated cooler lunch bags in a variety of sizes, we also offer some limited accessories to make your lunch experience a little easier with freezable ice packs and convertible bag straps. Shop our entire collection of bags, including Bogg Bags and HOBO Handbags, to ensure you’re ready to carry the world on your shoulders.

Style, Selection, and Quality

At The Willow Tree Boutique, we’re here to deliver an amazing experience for your wallet, style, and closet. When you shop cooler tote bags and accessories with us, you get access to more styles, a larger selection, and better quality products than anywhere else. Choose our store as your go-to boutique to enjoy all the perks of shopping with a brand that puts you first!