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Made for any outing, and stylish and adaptable enough to take anywhere, Bogg Bags are a perfect addition to your next excursion. With mentions in INC. and Coastal Living, and the promise to be an โ€œindestructible toteโ€, Bogg Bags live amongst those hallowed pieces of fashion hardware that are both fashionable and functional. The beach outing is a perfect romantic day trip or family fun day, and a large Bogg Bag can keep the water and sand at bay while keeping your gear and accessories together.

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Bogg And Beautiful

Need a wine tote that evokes a Malibu beach party? Got a yacht soiree dying to come alive? Bogg Bags are available in both tote and wine carrier sizes, which means your tote needs are covered from a girlsโ€™ day out to beach fun for the whole family. Bogg Bags come in great color schemes, meaning their innovative, futuristic structure has a classic flair thatโ€™s perfectly at home in a mid-century modern vintage world. Large Bogg Bags donโ€™t only look cool โ€” their cooler insert keeps your drinks cool as well. Waltz the beach with fearless structure and timeless style.

Gear Up!

Love the outdoors? Prepping for a trek? RV sales are on the rise, and that means it's time to accessorize for the great American road trip. Get the gear primed to close out the summer right, or go on a new adventure with a tote as game for the unexpected as you are. For a full curation of Bogg Bags and more accessories, check out all there is to offer at The Willow Tree Boutique!