Budhagirl Bracelet - Fawn

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Budhagirl Bracelet - Fawn

Budhagirl Bracelet - Fawn

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The Budhagirl Bracelets in the color Fawn are a Must Have! These all weather bangles are weightless, soundless, waterproof, & TSA proof. Pair these back with the other colors offered by Budhagirl.  This comes as a set of 4 bracelets.


Small – 7"
Medium – 7.5"
Large – 8"

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Wear our BudhaGirl fawn bangles to add an understated elegance and a subtle pop of color to your ensemble. If you're shopping for unique women's bracelets online, then The Willow Tree Boutique is about to become your best-kept secret. Our bangle sets are more than meets the eye. Tap into your spiritual side each time you slip one of our bracelets onto your wrist.







All About Intention

All of the bracelets in the Budhagirl line symbolize a specific intention. Not only are they fashion-forward and full of flair, but they can improve your outlook with feelings of calm and peace. Indulge in a bit of self-care every time you put on or remove your new BudhaGirl fawn bangles.

Stand-Out Composition

You won't find women's bracelets online like our BudhaGirl bracelets. These bangles are lightweight and airy. Because they're actually made of non-metals, they don't make a sound, even if you have several sets laddered up and down your arm. TSA won't bug you at the airport, and you can go swimming without removing your jewelry because water won't affect their fabulous finish in the slightest. The gold dust filament inside these bracelets adds a lovely illumination.

Treat yourself to BudhaGirl fawn bangles from The Willow Tree Boutique. Score free shipping on orders over $100!