Women’s Summer Outfits You Can't Live Without

a woman pairing a blue tank with bangles and white shorts

Trends come and go, but summer fashion is forever. Our ideal women’s outfits for summer are vibrant, flattering, and breathable. Before you go on your next shopping spree, think about the vibe you want for your summer clothes style. Each outfit serves as an opportunity to give you the ultimate confidence in yourself. Here are our favorite summer styles the modern woman can’t live without. Take a note from our list of fashion must-haves.

Everything Knit

When it comes to women's outfits for summer, everyone’s rocking knitwear. It’s breathable, customizable, and true to size. Show off all your gorgeous curves in the vibrant colors and unique patterns you love. This is one of our favorite style trends that has blossomed during the pandemic. If you’ve spent time picking up crochet and learning patterns, this trend is the perfect way to show off your skills this summer. You can create crop tops, pants, and anything else you desire. If you’d rather spend time in retail therapy, you can find plenty of gorgeous, high-quality options online. Whatever your summer clothes style, you can find super cute and unique pieces in our store!

Power Clashing

Stay ahead of women's summer outfit trends by trying out power clashing. Successfully pairing two different patterns, however bright, is absolutely within your reach! All it requires is a little confidence. When better to experiment with loud patterns than under the energizing summer sun? You can catch the attention of everyone in the room by effortlessly matching two designs and tying them together with one solid neutral article of clothing. Let your summer clothes style shine through. An outfit can never be too colorful!

Oversized Cover-Up

Every poolside or beach look needs a proper cover-up. When you’re spending your days out in the sun all day, you want to make sure your cover-ups are breathable enough to catch a summer breeze. A cute cover-up is an excellent way to take any women’s summer outfit to another level. Find a unique oversized shirt or a delicately designed flowy cotton button-up. There are tons of different styles of summer clothes and cover-ups that will boost your confidence. A quick French tuck can be a great trick to make sure your cover-up doesn’t swallow your body shape.

a woman in a pink babydoll top looking over one shoulder90s Babydoll Look

Don’t you remember the good ol’ days? Babydoll tees with ironic sayings, spaghetti-strapped tanks, cute skirts, and more. This is one of our favorite styles that is making a massive comeback. This summer, shop for adorable crop tops and other articles of clothing that will take you back to 1998. Babydoll tees and tanks are excellent options for any women’s summer outfit because they can be styled in so many different ways. However you choose to spend your summer, this soft babydoll style is an iconic way to layer your outfits. Transform your summer style with throwback clothes that are already trailblazing a new trend.


Not Sure Where to Start?

Girl, we got you. The Willow Tree Boutique has all the latest in women’s summer fashion. Shop all our new arrivals in all sorts of designs and patterns. All of our adorable summer clothes are available in every style you could want, so you can stay fashion-forward while feeling your absolute best.