Top Fashion Influencers You NEED to Follow in 2022

woman in black dress and sunglasses

With a new year comes new fashion, and The Willow Tree has the hottest list of the top fashion influencers you need in your life. Sweet Southern charm, fashion for all ages, and many more styles can all be found among our favorite TikTok fashion influencers. So, whether you need to do a complete overhaul of your closet this year or you’re just looking to add a few new pieces, the team at The Willow Tree has put together a list of the MUST-have top fashion influencers you need to follow for inspiration this season.

Chrissy Rutherford

Chrissy is a writer and brand consultant with an eye for fashion and loads of looks to share with the world. Her style is simple and elegant, often opting for classic lines with bold colors. She’s one of the TikTok fashion influencers who can do it all and inspires us with looks for formal events, streetwear, and the office. Top fashion influencers, like Chrissy, are a must-have in your feed this year if you’re looking to level up your game!

Summer Ford

a fashionable woman wearing a white shirt and gold banglesSummer Ford is one of our top fashion influencers because of her effortless style and easy-to-wear looks. She’s a student at Auburn University, and we just can’t get enough of her elegant style and charm. Her Southern fashion has inspired loads of followers to rock cute, comfortable clothing for a variety of occasions. Whether you’re headed to a university football game or brunch with the girls, check out Summer’s Instagram and shop her collection for adorable looks and some much-needed inspiration for the new year!


Christine Le

Christine is based out of Los Angeles, and her style runs the gamut. Plus, she offers loads of beauty tips and tricks. Among the top fashion influencers in the game, Christine’s style is usually relaxed and sporty, but she’s not afraid of glowing up and getting glammed. Not only does she offer loads of outfit and style inspiration, but she also teaches followers how to pose, edit photos, and even take them on your own. We love TikTok fashion influencers like Christine who can do it all and help fashionistas everywhere find their true style!

Tammy Harris

a woman wearing a jacket with the words “Rock & Roll

Who says fashion has an age limit? You won’t catch Tammy Harris buying into that idea anytime soon! Tammy is among the top fashion influencers because of her passion to bring effortlessly cool looks to women of all ages. Her Fashion Knows No Age collection can be shopped online at The Willow Tree, and you’ll find showstopping jackets, comfy sweaters, accessories, and so much more. She’s emerging as a groundbreaking TikTok fashion influencer, and you can follow her on Instagram and stay up to date with her latest style tips and tricks on her blog!




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