How to Dress for Any Occasion

dress for certain occasions

Hey, girl! Could you use some help figuring out how to dress for certain occasions? We’ve put together a handy style guide for you. We’ll help you navigate three of the most fashion puzzling occasions: the office, date night, and wedding events. Maybe you weren’t born very style-savvy or maybe you just need some fashion inspiration. Either way, we want to spare you the complicated web of trials and errors and fashion faux pas to get you out the door feeling great and properly dressed in any situation.

Office Styles

slacks and a blazer

Tired of staring at your closet every morning trying to decide what to wear to work? This doesn’t need to be your reality! Sure, office styles can be tough. Do you wear a business suit or slacks and a blazer? How about a nice dress, or maybe more fashion-forward and memorable? The answer is that it depends. Don’t let analysis paralysis get you down though. We’re here to help save your sanity and spare you some time in your a.m. routine!

eclectic necklace

Do a little digging and you’ll get a sense of what’s expected based on the type of company, the job description, their website images, and even facebook business pages. How you put your best foot forward is up to you but remember, first impressions are everything. Your best bet is to let a hint of your personality shine through in your look while keeping most of it scaled back. Opt for fun shoes or an eclectic necklace but tone down the rest of the outfit so you still look put-together and responsible. Still feeling unsure of what to wear? Grab a copy of your employee handbook or ask the Human Resources representative, or your recruiter, for suggested attire.

Date Night Styles

glitz and glam

Ah, date night! Do you always go for the glitz and glam? If that’s what you love, we support you! But the truth is most first dates are generally casual and laid back. This offers a more comfortable setting to get to know one another. So if it’s not a dress and heels, what do you wear?

A general rule of thumb is to try to match the mood of the venue you’re going to. Checking out a concert? Some jeans and a blouse would be perfect. Will you be dining? Maybe a dress and some flats. No matter what though, girl, get excited about those first few dates! Show off your favorite outfit, do your hair, accessorize, and wear your new shoes. Be you! That is the person your date came to meet. Let your style shine as much as your personality!

Wedding Event Styles

There are really only two wedding don’ts: don’t upstage the bride and don’t wear white. Got it? Now let’s take a look at some wedding style do’s.

thick heeled shoes

Is it as casual as backyard bar-b-ques or formal white tie events? Typically, the invitation will let you know what is expected attire. No mention? Scope out the venue’s website for more details. If it’s at a community park, you probably don’t need a long formal gown. Instead, plan on flats, wedges, or thick heeled shoes. Generally, a simple dress or your fave little black dress and some heels do the trick.

Keep in mind, wedding season isn’t the only season you need to worry about. Pay attention to the weather during the time of year you’ll be attending the wedding when looking for the right dress. Consider fabrics, lengths, and comfort. Love getting your groove on? Girl, us too! But if it’s 90 degrees and sunny, we don’t want a heavy fabric that will leave us sweating on the dance floor! For winter events, stay toasty by bringing a wrap, shawl, or overcoat with you.

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