Five Best Accessories to Style Winter Outfits

a woman wearing beanie and scarf winter accessories

The cold weather doesn’t mean that your fashion sense has to go out the window! At The Willow Tree Boutique, we make it easy to find style inspiration for every season and discover the perfect options to keep you looking amazing! If you’re interested in the five best winter accessories to style your cozy oversized sweaters and casual jeans, check out our list today.

1. Beanies

While beanies may have started out purely functional, we love how they’ve evolved with the times. Beanies today are fun winter accessories available in an amazing variety of materials and colors to match every winter-style outfit. You can also choose from so many embellishments that help you to enhance every look! Whether you want a large, fluffy pom on the back of your head, a striped design in your favorite colors, a unique woven pattern, or a slouchy shape that frames your face, the main thing is to make sure it keeps your head warm in the coldest temperatures!

2. Booties

a woman’s feet in booties standing on a rock while hiking

The right shoes can ensure nearly every winter-style outfit is cozy and comfortable. We love wearing joggers all the time, but exposing our ankles to the cold air can be uncomfortable. The solution? Booties that cover just what you need! Booties come in a range of fashionable options that suit any aesthetic. From functional flats to fashionable platforms to saucy heels, you can find the perfect bootie to suit your style.

3. Belts

Part of the problem with winter accessories and fashion is that bulky, thick materials make it hard to show any shape. Many times, you end up looking like a fluffy snowball! With a belt, you can solve this issue by cinching your waist to provide a more elegant and sophisticated shape. Explore our belt selection to turn any outfit from drab to fab with a variety of thicknesses, buckle styles, materials, and prints!

4. Scarves

a girl with elegantly curled hair wearing a fashionable winter scarf

There aren’t a ton of winter accessories that stand out among the heavy layers of winter clothing. Jewelry tends to get lost in all that fabric, while purses and bags take second place to cute trench coats and denim jackets. We think you should top off your statement-making outerwear with a scarf! Scarves complete your look and offer you yet another layer to ensure you stay comfortable in any environment.

5. Face Masks

The face mask is really the MVP of winter accessories. When the air is so cold it hurts your face, you don’t have to figure out how to wrap your scarf around it to keep it warm — just use a mask! Our face masks offer you a fun and fashionable way to protect your cheeks, nose, mouth, and chin from blistering winds, freezing snow, and chilling rain. Match your mask to your favorite outfits! We carry animal prints, neutrals, bright gem tones, and even camo designs to ensure every girl finds what she needs.

Love our accessory ideas? Combine them all to create the perfect winter outfit!