7 Dresses For The Curvy Woman: Choose Your Best Fit

Knowing your body type and dressing to highlight and accentuate your best features is the key to an evergreen personal style.

You can buy the fanciest clothes and hop on the latest trends but it’s the knowledge of your own body and what flatters it the best that’s going to help you rock your outfits like a fashion pro! Here, we’ll cover the 7 best dresses for curvy bodies and drop our favorite styling tips so you can carry every outfit with confidence!

1. Front-Slit Shirt Dress

woman in an aztec print shirt dress

Shirt dresses are one of those outfits that flatter every body type but they’re especially flattering on curvy women. This boutique dress for curvy women features multi-colored vertical stripes that work to give the illusion of length and frame the body when the waist is cinched with a belt.

The addition of a belt also helps to give more of an hourglass silhouette with a fitted top and a flared bottom. The front slit is just the cherry on top to make you feel even more feminine. This Aztec printed dress will shine in your wardrobe as one of the best dresses for your curvy body!

2. Baby-Doll Maxi Dress

woman in a baby-doll maxi dress

Maxi dresses are a cult favorite among women endowed with those extra curves. They’re easy to wear, are amazingly breathable, and look stunning on just about anyone! Don’t believe us? Then try one and see for yourself!

With a beautiful jumble of bold prints and a baby doll silhouette, this boutique maxi dress hugs your curves in all the right places to define and highlight your features.

3. Linen Midi Dress

woman in a white linen midi dress

This linen midi dress is the epitome of summer comfort. With a tasseled front tie, short ruffled sleeves, black embroidery detailing, and a half elastic waistband at the back for definition, it’s no wonder this has made it to our list of the best dresses for curvy bodies.

If you’re looking for a staple piece for this summer, then this one is a must-have!

4. Baby-Doll Tiered Sundress

woman in a baby-doll tiered sundress

Fancy a quaint little picnic on a bright day? Then don’t forget to pack a loose-fitting sundress for the aesthetics! With vivid fall-inspired colors in a dainty floral print, a tiered bottom, and puffed sleeves, this boutique sundress is every curvy girl’s dream! 

We bet you’ll feel like a modern-day princess in this!

5. Smocked-Bust Dress 

woman in a smocked-bust dress

Dresses with smocked busts are great for two reasons: One, they hug your upper body and give you a feminine outline with a flared bottom. Two, they look gorgeous on every body type and suit every occasion!

This fall-themed dress for curvy bodies is our best pick when it comes to smocked dresses. The elasticated puffed sleeves and tiered bottom add an extra flair to the whole outfit. This one can be easily paired with stacked bracelets and some nude sandals to take the look up a notch.

6. Paisley Print Kimono Dress

woman in a paisley print kimono dress

Kimono silhouettes with V necklines make the best dresses for curvy bodies because of how well they work to define the waistline while making you look elegant and sophisticated. Likewise, small prints like paisley help to subtly accentuate your curves. 

So if you’ve got a special event coming up, this paisley kimono boutique dress will play your curves to your advantage!

7. Solid Tee Dress

woman in a solid tee dress

Everyone loves a good tee dress. They’re one of the comfiest and most versatile pieces of clothing one can own. You can style them up with fun accessories like layered necklaces and baseball caps for a casual look or pair them with jackets and stilettos for a more chic look.

But you might be wondering whether or not it’s the best dress idea for your curvy body, and the answer is “it is!” Solid tee dresses can work in your favor as they further enhance and define your curves.

Keep Searching For The Best!

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