5 Women’s Shoe Styles You MUST Have in Your Wardrobe

a woman’s feet in blue high heel shoes on steps

“Wow!” — it's the only word that really lets you know that you’ve got the look, and the right pair of shoes can help you complete it! As women’s shoe styles evolve, one constant is the beauty of classic style. No matter where you fall on the fashionista spectrum, from Megan Rapinoe to Meghan Markle, there’s a fantastic shoe or shoes out there just waiting to boost your wardrobe. With the almost endless selection of shoe stores, online boutiques, and other fine footwear purveyors, finding a quality source can be a challenge: so step one is finding a trusted seller of boutique shoes online (after all, you want to stay safe and maintain social distancing!). Step two is following our easy guide to different types of women's shoes, and finding the right pair to make your heart and soul happy, and to be the perfect finishing touch to your chic look!

1. Flat Mules

We’re working in fewer and fewer traditional offices these days, and it’s important to find an adaptable shoe that can bring together comfort and functionality without sacrificing style. Pared-down work fashions are becoming the norm, and there’s no better shoe to dress up or dress down than a flat mule. Stylish and simple, the mule is one of many women’s shoe styles that can be worn without socks but forgoes the all-day wear and tear of a heel or even a dressier sandal.

Mules are slip-on options with slipper-like comfort, which maintain a loafer-like sophistication sans laces. Perfect for a modern workspace, suited to the laid-back startup culture, or even as an adaptable home office shoe, flat mules have made an appearance as of late as one of the predominant shoe styles for 2020 — and with good reason.

2. Sneakers

The sometimes understated, sometimes bombastic sneaker option has become a go-to for today's busy woman. Finding adaptable women’s shoe styles that sidestep the ostentatiously athletic look of, say, a running shoe or cross-trainer, and that can be at home in an office or out on the town is the key to getting the highly sought-after staple sneaker. Sneakers can be dressed up for an athleisure look or even add a chic touch to a casual layered outfit — especially when you’ll be doing the bulk of your adventuring on foot.

3. Ankle Boots

If celebrity style is any indication, ankle boots – much like their sartorial predecessor in women’s shoe styles like Chelsea boots – have proven to be the go-to when it comes to laid-back style. These boots can be worn with any outfit and are surprisingly versatile. What’s more, ankle boots are easy to bring on the road and complement outfits for any occasion. They’ll look as good with a skirt or maxi dress as a pair of jeans, and are especially fun to accessorize with harem or stovepipe pants. As a general rule, the higher the heel, the more elevated the look — but a great pair of boots can look at home at almost every non-formal occasion calling for the hottest shoe styles for 2020.

4. Wedges

Wedges encompass a whole plethora of women’s shoe styles, which means you’ll have plenty of options to bring them into your wardrobe. With any wedge, be sure to fit the outfit to your newly elevated silhouette. Cork wedges at a formal gathering are as silly as stilettos at the beach — and don’t bite off more than you can chew in terms of height. Remember, wedges may wobble, but you should never fall down!

5. Sandals

These decidedly different types of women's shoes are the very best way to show off a decent pedicure. Don’t shy away from the open toe, whether you’re on the beach or in a ballroom, and be sure to have a few open-toe options in your wardrobe. You’ll thank yourself when you're strutting and turning heads later!

Alright: you have your list — now it's time to treat yourself! The Willow Tree Boutique prides itself on keeping the best women’s shoe styles in stock, with the best brands to boot. See our selection of shoes and more, and get the look you need, at a price you love, today!