10 Fashion Tips for Plus-Size Women

Plus-size women in lingerie

Beauty standards have never been a static construct. And in today’s world, we’re moving away from obsessing over the stick-thin models of the 90s and toward acceptance of all body shapes and sizes. While the transition in fashion has been slow, with curvy women fighting to find fashionable styles in larger sizes, the shift is happening faster now that body positivity has taken center stage.

If you’re a curvier woman looking to celebrate her shape and rediscover some self-love, it’s time to redefine what it means to shop for yourself. Check out these fashion tips for plus-size women to let go of some of those antiquated rules and create a brand-new wardrobe that works for you.

1. Size Isn’t Everything

Our first fashion tip for plus-size women (honestly, any woman) is to remember that the number or letter on the tag doesn’t define you. Don’t get caught up in what it says! Instead, focus on how the clothing sits on your body and cups your curves. If you end up wearing a larger size than you expected, who cares? 

Different clothing manufacturers all have different standards. While you might be a size 14 in one brand, another brand may have you wearing a size 18 in the same style. Those sizes mean practically nothing about you and won’t change the way you look. Shop based on how you feel in the clothes instead of what the tag tells you.

2. Stop Comparing Yourself

Two women posing in workout clothing

We’re all guilty of doing this. Whether a size 0 or a size 20, we look at the people around us and wonder why we can’t look like them. Well, there are ways to take care of yourself and change your daily habits to achieve better health, but striving for unrealistic goals isn’t healthy for your body or soul.

Take this fashion tip for plus-size women to heart and stop comparing yourself to others. If you need to compare — compare yourself to yourself. Are you healthier and happier than you were last year? Is your closet full of clothing that makes you love yourself? If the answer is yes, then you’ve done a fantastic job! If not, consider some steps you can take to achieve better equilibrium in your life without looking at others as a guide.

3. Invest in Quality

Next on our plus-size tip guide? Finding high-quality clothing. In addition to thwarting fast fashion and reducing waste, better quality means more thoughtful designs that truly consider your shape. You won’t be bursting at the seams when the seams are reinforced, and you won’t see thinning and pilling in the areas where you generally chafe.

Clothing rubbing against your inner thighs or under your arms is a fact of life for women of every shape and size. But you shouldn’t have to worry about wearing holes in all your favorite pants and shorts because the material is thin and flimsy from the get-go! Look for cotton, wool, Tencel, and other natural blends to provide reinforcement where you need it!

4. Don’t Be Scared of Colors and Prints

A plus-size woman wearing an outfit with bright prints

One of those ancient fashion tips for plus-size women was avoiding bright colors and bold prints in favor of slimming black and other subdued neutral colors. You shouldn’t have to make sacrifices based on style because you don’t fit into the perfect box of outdated beauty standards!

Forget those old plus-size tips of the past. Wear the colors and prints that speak to you when you use your fashion sense to help redefine all those fashion tips for plus-size women and beauty standards that force you into a box. If you love hot pink or bright sparkles, go for it. Nobody should tell you what you can’t wear just because of your size!

5. Take It Easy On Yourself

We all have days when we’re not feeling our most beautiful, worried other people are judging us, and looking around at everyone else and thinking that they’re hotter, better, and sexier than us. Recognize those moments and take it a little easier on yourself. 

You’re your own harshest critic, and being mean to yourself — even inside your own head — isn’t going to make you any happier. When you start feeling one of those days coming on, we recommend wearing the clothing that makes you feel most comfortable and beautiful. Whether it’s sexy lingerie under body-shaping jeans or lounging in pajamas all day, this fashion tip for plus-size women is all about improving your mental health.

6. Stop Hiding

A curvy woman wearing a bathing suit

Another essential plus-size tip for women who feel constrained by available sizes or old Cosmo fashion advice is to stop hiding. From wearing certain shapes to avoiding specific cuts, curvy women have been denied trendy styles for decades. Kick those fashion tips for plus-size women to the curb and wear what you want.

Stop hiding your true color preferences and go bold.

Stop wearing billowing, shapeless clothing and show off your shape.

Stop avoiding revealing cuts and necklines to show a little skin.

Stop hiding your true self to conform.

7. Consider Fabric

Since the rise of synthetic fabrics, it’s been challenging to find forgiving materials that truly elevate your look. Clingy synthetic textiles are cheap, so many manufacturers have made them style staples. Change the game when you avoid them entirely because not only is polyester bad for your mental health — it’s also bad for the planet.

As you shop for clothes, consider this fashion tip for plus-size styles — breathable, natural materials. From cotton and silk to linen and satin, these fabrics are typically more supportive and drape better on all body types. You might also want to look at blends with these materials as the base with a little spandex or nylon, which offer a bit more give for extra comfort.

8. Find Your Confidence

A confident plus-size woman in a sequined top

We didn’t put it first on the plus-size tip guide, but this advice should be pretty high up there, nonetheless. Finding your confidence is the key to loving yourself and discovering the courage to wear those colors, styles, and silhouettes that scare you the most.

Love blazers with shoulder pads but worried they’d make you look too wide? Who cares! Wear them anyway. Have you been avoiding bodycon dresses because tight clothing is taboo to you? Show off your curves with the tightest dresses when you have confidence in yourself. From body suits to biker shorts, don’t let any fashion tip for plus-size women derail your true self. 

9. Shop Flattering Fits

While you should always look for cuts and styles that speak to your aesthetic, there are some basic guidelines for finding a flattering fit. You don’t have to stick to all the rules and follow every fashion tip for plus-size women, but looking for silhouettes that accentuate your favorite features could help you love yourself even more.

You probably already know about the best clothing styles for hourglass figures, pear shapes, triangle bodies, and all the other types of curves. So it may be a good idea to start your shopping experience with cuts you know will show off your best assets. And if you love how you look in a piece that isn’t recommended for your shape, forget the rules and buy it anyway!

10. Dress for Your Life

A plus-size model sitting on a chair

Our last plus-size tip is to dress for your life. With all the clothing options out there, it can be easy to get carried away and shop styles you’ll never wear because a romper just isn’t appropriate for your corporate office or a trench coat is simply too warm for California weather.

If you’re planning a full wardrobe overhaul, look at your daily activities and needs before you start shopping to develop a plan that makes sense. Then, incorporate all these fashion tips for plus-size women, and you’re ready to find the best clothing for your lifestyle!

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