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The olfactory sense is one of the body's most sensitive and powerful ones: it is the only sense that connects directly to the part of the brain responsible for memory. When choosing a scent for your happy home, you want something that will be soothing and pleasant, and not at all overwhelming. The Tyler Candle Company has been devoted to high-quality scented candles for any space and makes the perfect choice for your home. Browse candles and the rest of our collections at The Willow Tree Boutique today!

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Bright And Inviting

Candles have been used for centuries to illuminate and celebrate, for spaces domestic and sacred alike. Today, we continue to bring that unifying global tradition into our modern spaces: our candles appear in the places we relax, read, and meditate. Tyler Candle Co., with their vast offerings and multiple, high-quality scents, lives in the tradition of the candlemakers who served to light the chambers of queens and priestesses. Find lively, inviting fragrances — and a means to lovingly light your favorite cozy spaces — with all of the products from the Tyler Candle Company.

Variety And Inspiration

Scents to sweeten, scents to evoke, and scents to inspire: however you’d like to transform your space, Tyler Candle Company scents have something for you. Cleaners, air fresheners, candles, and more await you in the carefully curated accessory offerings from The Willow Tree Boutique. See everything Tyler Candle Company can bring to your space today!