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Women’s Tie Dye Clothing

Evocative of the summer of love and poised to bring out your inner flower child, women's tie dye clothing is a great throwback with a modern touch. Celebrate the past, and look to the future, with a fun, splashy addition to your wardrobe. Bright patterns, uber-chic cuts, and flirty tops, tanks, and shorts make it easy to get your boutique tie dye fix: what’s more, these classic patterns are brought alive to the present day with edgy styles from top brands chosen just for you!

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Go Woodstock

Feel like dancing in the flowers? Want to cut loose a little and embrace your inner freedom? There’s no better way to say “look out world!” than women's tie dye clothing. The spirit of dreamers and poets is alive today in maxi dresses, joggers, and tops with a wide offering of colors and patterns. Beyond the cute, boutique tie dye patterns, the awesome cuts mean there’s an essential tie dye look out there for every gorgeous body type.

Bring Home Some Love

All of the brands and products at The Willow Tree Boutique are made and chosen with love. We value our family of customers and carefully curate every brand and product to empower women of all ages, shades, and sizes. Share in the love today, and check out our women's tie dye clothing and all of the great prints and graphic tees at The Willow Tree Boutique!