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Do you love jewelry with vintage Southern charm? Well, then, Lisi Lerch is the brand for you. Inspired by antique pieces and redesigned with a contemporary twist, this jewelry takes bold pearls and gold styles to a whole new level. Make your accessories stand out when you adorn your ears, neck, and wrists with Lisi Lerch jewelry.

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Get Bolder with Lisi Lerch

Our curated collection of Lisi Lerch styles focuses on a few iconic design choices you’ll be wearing for years to come, including gold, pearls, polished gemstones, and oversized silhouettes. Whether it’s a geometric set of earrings or a series of layered pearl bangles, you can expect your jewelry to make your outfit shine.

In this Lisi Lerch jewelry collection, you’ll find earrings, pendants, necklaces, and bracelets that you can mix and match to create your own sets. Pair freshwater pearl earrings with a beaded bracelet strung with gold beads. Or, go all out with massive pearl-encrusted earrings balanced with a simple pendant necklace. How will you wear your fave looks?

More About Lisi Lerch

This brand got its start as a hat-based accessory company that later expanded from Kentucky Derby hats to jewelry and bags. The current collection offers seasonal styles that include wool hats for winter, as well as chic clutches and small purses. Our exclusive collaboration with Lisi Lerch currently only includes pieces from their jewelry line.

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